Jews Whine After Based Mexicans Have Nazi Wedding

Get in loser, we’re hurting some feelings

There are still happy stories to tell on this dying earth.

New York Post:

A pair of newlyweds from Mexico celebrated their nuptials in a puzzling — and problematic — way.

Their wedding last month in the central Mexican state of Tlaxcala was inspired by Nazi Germany, featuring elements emblematic of the time: Nazi Waffen-SS uniforms, a Volkswagen Beetle emblazoned with swastikas and, of course, a vegetarian menu — just as Adolf Hitler would have it.

The pair considered everything ahead of their tribute — right down to the day they chose to hold the ceremony, April 29, otherwise known as the marriage anniversary of Hitler and Eva Braun, who wedded 77 years ago.

When asked what prompted the bold motif, the groom, Fernando, told Mexican newspaper Milenio that “people don’t know the real story” of Hitler.

So true.

“Hitler was a vegetarian, he took his country out of extreme poverty and returned to his people the territories lost in the First World War,” insisted Fernando, who withheld his surname from media reports.

With new wife Josefina, the lovers share two children. Their eldest son, Reinhard, was named after SS leader General Reinhard Heydrich, while their daughter’s name, Hanna Gertrud, was dedicated to German pilot Hanna Reitsch, who allegedly rescued the Führer on the war front, as well as Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, the former president of the National League of National Socialist Women.

The wedding party was crowded with supporters, many of whom also donned German-style military garb.

The backlash does not surprise Fernando as he’s fielded a lifetime of hate mail and death threats. “My dad and my uncles are followers of National Socialism, and since I was a kid I’ve had to face people. I’ve been hit, spit on, and one time a man even pointed a gun in my face while shouting ‘Nazi,’” he told Milenio.

The Jewish community in Mexico “strongly condemns any action that defends and extols Nazism,” said La Tribuna Israelita in a statement to Milenio on Thursday.

Authorities in Mexico have been silent on the matter, but the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Jewish human rights organization in Los Angeles, has urged their government to “take appropriate measures” against the offensive event.

What do you want the Mexican government to do, Jews? Kill them?

“Mexico has voted for the United Nations resolution that condemns the distortion of the Holocaust and all forms of racism,” said Dr. Shimon Samuels, director for international relations at the center, via a press release. “However, there has been no reaction by the state or human rights organizations condemning this outrage.”

Fernando and Josefina’s feelings towards the Jewish community were not addressed in local reports. Said the bride, “I didn’t know much about the story, but my husband told it to me and I support him because I have a responsible husband.”

Wow – imagine a white woman having that attitude. (Protip: you can’t imagine that.)

So, here’s the thing: even if you thought all of those things they said about Hitler were true, why shouldn’t these people be allowed to do their wedding how they want to do it?

The alleged Holocaust supposedly happened nearly a century ago in Europe. Why should everyone on the planet be forced to care about this alleged event? And then shape their lives around Jews’ perception of this alleged event? What is the justification for that?

The only explanation for this is that Jews control Western society.

Jews don’t control Mexican society. So although most people in Mexico probably either don’t know about the alleged “Holocaust” or have the standard view of it, they would look at this wedding and say “well, I guess that’s what they wanted to do – that’s their freedom.”

Meanwhile, Jews in Los Angeles and New York are claiming that Mexicans shouldn’t have this freedom, and that they should somehow be punished for this personal life decision.