Jobbik Leader: “I am No Holocaust Denier”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2014

Gábor Vona believes the lampshading could begin again any time now.
Gábor Vona believes the lampshading could begin again any time now.

Gabor Vona, the leader of Jobbik, gave a weird interview on the 11th to Hir24, which is available in English on Hungary Today.

Here are the weirdest parts.

– Is Jobbik a radical or a far-right party?

– Definitely not far-right.

– Do you think the Holocaust took place?

– I do,

– With as many victims as we learnt of?

– I haven’t studied this side of the historical question. However, I am sure both as a historian and as a teacher of history that the Holocaust happened and very many Jewish people fell victim to it.

– Do you condemn the Holocaust?

– Of course. I condemn all human sacrifices. However, let me note that it is a mistake to turn the Holocaust into a political rather than a historical matter – on the side of both political activity denying its existence and political bludgeoning with it.

Please note, I am specifically posting the weird parts.  You can go read the full thing.  He does denounce “gypsy crime” and make a few other light-weight rightish statements, but the whole tone is “trust us, we’re normal mate.”

It appears that the party believes they have reached a peak with a hardcore audience, and now need to go toward a Le Pen style soft nationalism.

And please note: I am not condemning the party.  I am condemning specific statements, which I believe are extremely out of order.

Do we recall when Jobbik condemned Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer as “American racists” that they didn’t wish to be associated with?

Of course, our Hungarian readers will have comments on all of this.  As always, I don’t speak for other countries.  I merely give comment.