Joe Biden is Committing a Genocide. That’s Not an Opinion. It’s Incontrovertible Fact.

What do you call the mass murder of innocent people because of their race? There’s a word for it.

“Joe Biden is committing a genocide” is not an opinion.

It’s a statement of objective fact, which cannot be disputed by any means other than mass censorship and bombarding people with disinformation.

Do you remember when the left claimed that Trump was dangerous because he was going to start wars? I’m old enough to remember that. It actually happened.


A junior State Department employee who is organizing a dissent cable on the White House’s policy on Israel has used social media to publicly accuse President Biden of being “complicit in genocide” toward the people of Gaza.

The dissent cable — and the organizer’s passionate rhetoric on social media — are the latest signs of how the Israel-Hamas war is causing anxiety throughout the U.S. government.

That includes the State Department, where Secretary of State Antony Blinken is a key player in carrying out Biden’s strategy to publicly support Israel as it responds to Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attack that killed 1,400 people.

Israel’s response has been an assault on Gaza, a Hamas stronghold. Thousands of Palestinian citizens are reported to have been killed in the fighting, and Biden’s administration has backed Israel while expressing concern for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

This is like saying “Jeffrey Dahmer expressed concern for the little boy he was eating.” (I’m gonna have to reuse some of these lines when the site is back online.)

Joe Biden is going to be heading into 2024 with a 30% approval rating. He is already dipping below 40% in polls that are probably fake. Virtually no Democrats support his genocide agenda, and no Ben Shapiro-listening Republican genocide supporters are going to start supporting Biden because of his genocide.

This situation is a pretty big problem.

Not just for Biden, but for the entire Democrat establishment.

Look at Chuck Schumer.

This isn’t really sustainable.

Yo, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up – but this is shaping up to be a black swan.

I keep it real. I always keep it real.

I’m not ready to declare Trump 2024 back on the menu just yet.

But I can now vaguely start to envision a series of cascading events.

It’s vague.

Let me highlight the vagueness.