Katie Hopkins Banned from Twitter as a Result of Jew-Moslem Joint Action

Daily Stormer
January 31, 2020

It seems to be an ironic law of fate that those who shill most vociferously for the Jews must ultimately be taken down by the Jews. This is the principle of Nemesis in action in history. The Jews destroy their own sycophants. The last thought that goes through every Jew sycophant’s head usually goes something like this, “What…but I…oh no…I can’t believe it …. the Daily Stormer was right!”

The latest person to learn this harsh lesson of fate is Katie Hopkins, Zio-shill extraordinaire. Part of the “Tommy” milieu, Hopkins had been one of the stable of goyettes working on Ezra Levant’s content farm till she got kicked for gently hinting that anti-Semitism on the far-right might have something to do with the Jews’ support for open borders immigration. Even after being fired by Ezra, she continued to shill so hard for the Jews you actually felt sorry for her. It was like watching an old, fat ugly woman wearing a short leather skirt and torn fishnet tights begging random guys to buy a $5 blowjob from her so she could raise the cash for her next crack fix.

And yet in the Orwellian tyranny that is modern Britain, Hopkins did perform a useful function, challenging approved ideas and saying some worthwhile and truthful things, mostly about Moslems. Ironic then that she was taken down in a joint operation by the Moslems she despises and the Jews whose benediction she craves.

Rachel Riley, a Jewish bimbo who deals cards on a game show, has bizarrely become the front-person the Jews are using to take down free speech in Britain.

Here she is, plying her trade.

Yes, she is not bad looking, especially for a Jewess. My guess would be one of her Jewish ancestors bought a blonde Slav woman as a sex slave back in the glory days of the Ottoman Empire and decided to recognize the resultant offspring, importing that comely Euro DNA to the stagnant Jew gene pool. Now this transmogrified slave serves her masters.

Riley held a meeting with Twitter execs to air her concerns about how some goyim are still able to speak freely on Twitter. She specifically mentioned Katie Hopkins and George Galloway (lefty anti-Zio activist).

Twitter promised to look into it. The next day Katie Hopkins’ account was suspended.

Why is Twitter agreeing to hold meetings to hear the concerns of random Jewish bimbos? Well, apparently Riley hooked up with something called the Center for Countering Digital Hate Truth, whose CEO is Imran Ahmed, a Paki Moslem.

So here we have Jews and Moslems working together to counter digital truth.

And afterwards, Jews openly gloated about Hopkins’ takedown.

The Board of Deputies is the main Jew organization in Britain.

Will Hopkins learn anything from this experience? Will her contrarian consciousness ascend to the next level? Will she grasp the truth that lies in anti-Semitism?

In short, no. As Upton Sinclair observed, it is difficult to get a woman to understand something when her paycheck depends on her not understanding it.