Kentucky Passes Bill to Let Women Retroactively Seek Child Support for Pregnancy Expenses

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Like the over-the-counter birth control story today, this is yet another way to discourage white people from breeding, as the government continues to overwhelm us with foreign hordes.

The Guardian:

The Republican-led Kentucky senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to grant the right to collect child support for unborn children, advancing a bill that garnered bipartisan support.

The measure would allow a parent to seek child support up to a year after giving birth to retroactively cover pregnancy expenses. The legislation – Senate Bill 110 – won Senate passage on a 36-2 vote with little discussion to advance to the House. Republicans have supermajorities in both chambers.

The Republican state senator Whitney Westerfield said afterward that the broad support reflects a recognition that pregnancy carries with it an obligation for the other parent to help cover the expenses incurred during those nine months. Westerfield is a staunch abortion opponent and sponsor of the bill.

“I believe that life begins at conception,” Westerfield said while presenting the measure to his colleagues. “But even if you don’t, there’s no question that there are obligations and costs involved with having a child before that child is born.”

Women should have sex with men they are married to, or at least planning to marry. Any woman who does anything other than that is a whore, and deserves nothing from anyone.

Empowering whores to act like whores is anti-natal behavior, even if it relates to pregnancy.

The only way to fix the white birthrate is to take away all rights for women. Instead, even Kentucky – a conservative state – is figuring out new and creative ways to give women even more rights.

It’s insane.

Unless they’re trying to exterminate white people.

Then it makes perfect sense.

Whitney Westerfield