Kids Going Missing After Escaping Ukraine


The Ukraine was a playground for corruption.

Basically a Disneyland for the satanic and psychopathic elite. That’s why they were developing chemical weapons there. It’s why they were doing all these extreme corruption scandals, the most famous of which involving Hunter Biden.

Furthermore, it was very easy for Middle Eastern states to entice white women from this country to come to their countries and be put into sexual slavery.

I imagine – though I don’t have solid proof or even evidence, but I would certainly imagine – that this was also where anyone who wanted a young, white child for whatever nefarious purposes would go to pick them up.

The Guardian:

Children are going missing and cases of human trafficking are being reported by aid groups and volunteers along Ukraine’s borders amid the chaos of the refugee crisis triggered by the Russian invasion.

Charities and rights groups working in neighbouring countries to receive refugees said they had seen cases of trafficking, missing children, extortion and exploitation as more than 2.5 million people crossed into neighbouring countries to escape the escalating violence.

Karolina Wierzbińska a coordinator from Homo Faber, a human rights organisation based in Lublin, Poland, said the charity had seen cases of children being sent alone by desperate parents to meet relatives or friends across the Ukrainian border and arriving without anyone to meet them.

At nearly every train station near border crossings, crowds of people, often men, hold cardboard signs offering refugees lifts to destinations across Europe.

Wierzbińska said it was impossible to vet every person offering to drive refugees to friends or family before they picked people up.

On Tuesday, due to concerns around human trafficking, the Polish government introduced amendments to a newly passed bill, which outlines Poland’s responses to the refugee crisis, Polish Press Agency reported. The amendment raised the minimum sentence for human trafficking from three to 10 years, and the maximum prison sentence for sex trafficking of children from 10 to 25 years.

Poland’s deputy interior minister, Maciej Wąsik, said: “We want to send a clear message to the criminals who are trying to exploit the tragedies of the refugees.”

Unicef, the UN children’s agency, said that while the Polish government’s decision to open the border so completely to Ukrainian refugees was to be applauded, “it does present challenges” in terms of child protection.

Usually the UN would register refugees at the border and identify vulnerable people such as unaccompanied children. “Now, obviously, because of the sheer scale of the numbers who are coming over, and the fact that the borders are effectively just open, this isn’t happening, which makes it incredibly difficult to identify children who are unaccompanied and separated,” said Joe English, a Unicef spokesperson. He said that the agency was setting up a system of ‘blue dot’ safe spaces for children in seven countries receiving refugees.

This is of course going to get mixed in with cases of Ukrainian women refugees becoming prostitutes. Prostitution has now been renamed “sex trafficking.” There is no such thing as a “prostitute” in Western media/governmental language anymore.

Along with being a part of the feminist agenda, renaming prostitution as “sex trafficking” also muddies the waters on actual, real life sex trafficking, which is obviously the real goal of it.

Some bimbo escaping the Ukraine and going to work in a brothel in Prague is not at all the same thing as disappearing children, but now, these things must always be spoken of in the same breath.

It really makes you think.

At the Mexican border, you had people doing child kidnapping to get across the border. You also had people just sending their children alone to the border. (These things were happening under Trump, before the border was wide open; now they’re not really necessary.)

But white people don’t usually do things like that with their kids. It’s part of white evolutionary biology to be very protective of their children, because it was so much more difficult to produce and raise children up to adulthood in colder climates.

If children are going missing, the logical explanation is that someone is kidnapping them.