“Long COVID” Mostly a Hoax Increasing Public Anxiety, Scientists Find

The fact that anyone ever believed in “long Covid” is proof of how retarded democracy is. Why should people this retarded have some kind of say on the way the country is managed? How does that make any sense at all?

I am not even necessarily against “democracy” in all its potential manifestations, but this “universal suffrage” democracy is deranged. You can’t let stupid and worthless losers and lunatics participate. If someone is incapable of the most basic rational thought – and it can be proven that this is the case – how then can they be allowed to participate in deciding the nature of the state?

This is on par with fibromyalgia or Morgellons disease. In fact, Morgellons might be more substantiated (it’s possible that the body could be expelling microplastics through the pores – you can look it up if you want to know more about it, but it’s generally considered to be a psychological delusion). In order to believe in “long Covid,” you have to be both totally neurotic and very stupid.

That said: all believers in this syndrome were vaccinated, and vaccination definitely has a detrimental effect on the health, in a general sense, and I assume you could become tired when every cell in your body is being instructed by artificial mRNA to produce spike proteins.

New York Post:

The risks of long COVID have been “distorted” due to a flawed body of research, according to experts.

Scientists from the US, UK and Denmark are pointing to overly broad definitions and a lack of comparison groups, among other factors in studies looking at the incidence, prevalence and control of long COVID for the distortion.

The paper, published Monday in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, investigates the working definitions of the condition provided by multiple global health organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and the UK National Institute for Health.

None of the definitions required a “causal link” between the virus and a range of symptoms.

The “flaws” have led to consequences such as increased public anxiety, misdiagnoses, increased health-care spending and a “diversion of funds” from those who are actually suffering from long-term effects of COVID-19, researchers suggest.

“Ultimately, biomedicine must seek to aid all people who are suffering. In order to do so, the best scientific methods and analysis must be applied. Inappropriate definitions and flawed methods do not serve those whom medicine seeks to help,” they study authors wrote in the paper.

Some of the repercussions of being infected with COVID-19 include shortness of breath following pneumonia and post-ICU syndrome, an array of health conditions that are present while in intensive care and persist after discharge — but experts pointed out that these symptoms are very commonly associated with many upper respiratory viruses.

As you know, the Daily Stormer said all of this from the beginning.

Of course, we also denied the existence of “coronavirus” as a new illness, and said that it was at best a bad flu (though most of the analysis is going to lead one to believe that the 2020 flu was not as bad as the 2018 flu).

We’ve also pointed out that the masks and forcing people to remain indoors would have increased the likelihood of contracting seasonal respiratory infections.

Eventually, all of the Stormer’s materials on the coronavirus hoax will be vindicated.

We need to sanction morons.

The media is continuing to promote this hoax.

The entire Covid hoax in all of its facets was a type of mass delusion, prompted by the media.

Psychological problems can cause physical ailments. We know this. Stress is a psychological state that creates physical changes in the body and weakens the body physically. The media, during the hoax, was clearly attempting to maximize stress.