New Record: At Least 260,000 Nuevos Americanos Crossed Border in September

What am I even supposed to say at this point?

We joke, but the actual reality is that within the next 5 or so years, every single third worlder interested in leaving his country and coming to America or Europe is going to be here.

A lot of stupid retarded dickheads think the third world is some kind of hell. Maybe you’re not all retarded, but you do all have heads shaped like dicks.

No, but seriously: I get how it is portrayed. It is portrayed that America and Europe are these shining cities on the hill, and that everywhere else is a nightmare world. Well, if we include the “second world” (former communist states), then my entire adult life has been spent outside of the first world. These countries are much, much better than America or the UK.

So who is coming to America and Europe? The lowest people in these countries, who want to live on welfare.

In Elon Musk’s recent weird interview with the Border Patrol and various other borderland figures, they told him no one is coming from Mexico. We’ve known this for years. That is because Mexico has already dumped its trash into America. No one in Mexico now has a desire to go live on welfare in America, because it’s a really great country.

I wish America could send people on welfare to some other country. Honestly, I think we should start facilitating border crossings into Canada for brown people (and the minority of whites as well) who live on welfare. These people are a total drain on society.

New York Post:

A record-setting number of migrants crossed the southern border into the United States in September, with over 260,000 encounters reported by Customs and Border Protection in the last 30 days, according to a report.

The stunning figure — which is roughly the population of St. Petersburg, Florida —  is the highest monthly total ever reported by border officials as the country grapples with the migrant crisis, CBP sources told Fox News.

That number includes both CBP encounters between ports of entry and Office of Field Operations (OFO) encounters at ports, Fox reported.

The previous record was set last December, when CBP officials reported 252,320 migrant encounters.

If you do the math, there are probably less than a billion of these people left that want to come to America.

You’ll all remember that famous Andrew Anglin article (which I can’t find right now) where he collected stories the mainstream media had published about the people coming to Europe in the 2015 crisis (it’s worse now, by the way – worse than what was called a crisis). They interviewed the families of Africans who were begging their sons to stay, but the sons believed that they would get a free house, race car, and blonde-haired white woman if they moved to Europe. (It turns out, only the last thing is true – they all do get white women, because white women are filthy nigger-fucking whores; however, they do not get free houses or race cars. They just get somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 euros per month in free money, and they are allowed to live in various forms of public housing.)

Part of the problem now is that these countries these people are fleeing won’t even accept them back. Many of them are criminals whom Mexico decided to send to America rather than spend the money incarcerating.

The details of this situation are never really explained, which is disgusting. Even the Republicans do this “better life for their families” bit. Well, if you don’t work, and you go on welfare, you’re creating “a better life for your family,” no? (Certainly some of the “migrants” do work, but they also do not pay taxes and collect all kinds of benefits from the state. They are doing a helluva lot better than most whites, and this is by design. Jewish design.)