Macron Goes Full Boeing, Demands Crimea be Seized

We are witnessing the president of France undergo a rapid, brutal, Boeing-style transformation.

He just keeps making these statements.


Ukraine must regain control over all the territories it once held, including Russia’s Crimean Peninsula, French President Emmanuel Macron has said. Otherwise, no “lasting peace” will be possible, he claimed.

The president made the remarks on Thursday in an interview with broadcasters TF2 and France 2, bluntly describing Russia as France’s “adversary.” At the same time, he insisted that Paris has not been “waging war on Russia” but merely “supporting” Kiev in the conflict.

“Certainly, today, Russia is an adversary. The Kremlin regime is an adversary,” Macron stated. “We are doing everything so that it can put Russia in check because, I will tell you very simply, there is no lasting peace if there is no sovereignty, a return to the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, including Crimea.”

The latest remarks by the French president got a cold reception in Russia, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stating that Macron apparently “won’t mind increasing the degree of his involvement” in Russia-Ukraine hostilities.

“Yes, it’s obvious that Russia is an adversary of France because France is already involved in the war in Ukraine; it is indirectly taking part in this war,” Peskov told reporters.

The easiest explanation for why he keeps doing this is that he wants to feel important.

However, it could also be some bizarre intelligence operation, where he is playing the role of the bad cop, so others within the EU can come out and say “whoa, whoa, whoa – you’re going a bit too far there, buddy – you might have a point, but it’s too much.”

Scholz, who came out and denounced Macron’s initial statements on sending NATO to fight Russia, just had a meeting with him and agreed with him on sending yet another missile system.

The third possibility is that he’s trying to distract from the fact that his wife has been exposed as a man.

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