Majority of People Under 18 Years Old Now Estimated to be Non-White

The huddled masses: welcome to it.

We have no idea what the actual numbers are.

But there is zero chance that when the boomers begin their die-off, we will not quickly find whites in the minority in the United States.

The Washington Post:

For the first time in the history of the country’s census-taking, the number of White people in the United States is widely expected to show a decline when the first racial breakdowns from the 2020 Census are reported this week.

For five years now, the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual updates of the 2010 Census have estimated that the nation’s White population is shrinking, and all population growth has been from people of color.

The new census data, planned for release on Aug. 12, will show definitively how the ethnic, racial and voting-age makeup of neighborhoods shifted over the past decade, based on the national house-to-house canvass last year. It is the data most state legislatures and local governments use to redraw political districts for the next 10 years.

If the White decline is confirmed by the new data, that benchmark will have come about eight years earlier than previously projected, said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution.

Twenty years ago if you told people this was going to be the case, they wouldn’t have believed you,” he said, adding that the opioid epidemic and lower-than-anticipated birthrates among millennials after the Great Recession accelerated the White population’s decline. “The country is changing dramatically.”

The United States is also expected to have passed two other milestones on its way to becoming a majority-minority society in a few decades: For the first time, the portion of White people could dip below 60 percent and the under-18 population is likely to be majority non-White.

The Post goes on to quote several experts who claim that brown people were under-counted. They blame Donald Trump, though I don’t know why Donald Trump would have wanted to make America seem whiter than it actually is, given that so much of his political success was based on drumming up fear of a white racial replacement.

The Jews are out there now talking about “fear of a black planet.”

How could someone not be afraid of a black planet?

From what we’ve seen thus far, a black planet would not be a very good place to live.