Mark Cuckerberg’s Twitter Clone “Threads” Already Dying Off Following Initial Hype




What comes up must come down — at least in the case of user engagement on Threads, Meta’s new Twitter competitor.

Last week, the text-based social media platform reported a record 100 million sign-ups in just five days, but according to data from Sensor Tower and Similarweb, the service has seen some dropoff in growth and engagement.

“The Threads launch really did ‘break the internet,’ or at least the Sensor Tower models,” Anthony Bartolacci, managing director at Sensor Tower, a marketing intelligence firm, told CNBC. “In the 10-plus years Sensor Tower has been estimating app installs, the first 72 hours of Threads was truly in a class by itself.”

That would make sense, given that the hype was in a class by itself.

However, people responding to hype and trying a new app when it first comes out doesn’t say anything about the quality of the app, but only the quality of the hype.

But, he added, Sensor Tower data suggests a significant pullback in user engagement since Threads’ launch: On Tuesday and Wednesday, the platform’s number of daily active users were down about 20% from Saturday, and the time spent for user was down 50%, from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

These early returns signal that despite the hoopla during its launch, it will still be an uphill climb for Threads to carve out space in most users’ social network routine,” Bartolacci said. “The backing of Meta and the integration with Instagram likely gives Threads a much higher flood than other services, but it will need a more compelling value proposition than simply ‘Twitter, but without Elon Musk.’

Okay, well.

If you can figure out what that value proposition would be, then Zuck will give you billions of dollars. He can’t figure it out, and not being able to figure it out is costing him billions of dollars.

Elon Musk being the CEO of Twitter does not affect anyone’s user experience. Liberals are very whiny, self-righteous, and entitled, so they will complain that they don’t think someone who they disagree with should be allowed to own something they use. But there is a reality that people need this app for work, and it cannot simply be replaced by the same app owned by someone who agrees with the government more simply because people have emotions.

This was always a very stupid idea, and it makes Zuck and his company look pathetic.

When Microsoft tried to compete with Twitch in the streaming space – a space that is not a natural monopoly and wouldn’t ever really be a monopoly in the way Twitter is a natural monopoly – Microsoft spent a bunch of money hiring people like Ninja for exclusive deals.

It didn’t work at all, and Microsoft lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Zuckerberg didn’t even seem to really be trying. How is he going to launch this app and offer literally nothing other than “Elon Musk isn’t here so there is more censorship”?

The pitch is: “switch your entire internet life over to this app to somehow maybe punish your political enemies in some way.”

It was also widely reported – I guess as a feature? – that Threads would spy on users a lot more than Twitter does.

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