Maryland: Female Teacher Arrested for Having Sex with 14-Year-Old

Oh sweet lawdy have mercy.

One of our millennial Aryan Princesses is having sex with a teen boy??

Never in my life did I expect something like this would ever happen.

New York Post:

A former Maryland middle school teacher was arrested and charged with having sex with an 8th grader eight years ago, according to police.

Melissa Marie Curtis, 31, is accused of engaging in sexual acts with a student while she was a teacher at Montgomery Village Middle School beginning in 2015 — when she was 22 years old and the victim 14.

The Montgomery County Police Department said they opened their investigation in October after an adult male came forward with allegations of abuse, police said.

The alleged abuse occurred within a school, in Curtis’ vehicle and at several residences in Montgomery County between January and May 2015, according to police documents obtained by Fox 5 DC.


Eight years later.

It’s #metoo revenge!

In other news…

Oh, no.

Same news.

Same news over and over and over again.

This is an absolute genre of news.

It’s probably worth considering that all of the accused are white millennials. White nationalists want to talk about the sex lives of people of other races (which is fine), but we don’t see any other race doing this.

I’m sure older black women have sex with teenage boys constantly, but they don’t do it as teachers at the school. This is a very specific type of anti-social behavior that only white millennial women do. Men don’t do it.

Sex is sex. It’s a dirty and disgusting human behavior, but one that is not going away, and there are all kinds of various perversions of a sexual nature that are promoted by the state and then like two that aren’t promoted by the state, one of which is this one.

It’s truly a lesser perversion. No one gets hurt other than these women’s husbands and children, but she was going to be having sex with some third party regardless. It’s not a huge deal. The boy can’t be considered a victim.

We should consider that it’s possible that this was happening before and we just didn’t know it because there were no cellphones to keep records and generally, people were more discreet. If I were a school principal and I found out something like this was going on, I would try to cover it up, because that is obviously the socially responsible thing to do.

Well. That’s what I would ideally do. Given that now we’re at the point where you could be charged as “accessory to aggravated pedophile rape” for covering this shit up, I would probably just turn her over to the cops, because I’m not going down like that for some maniac slut.

I do however think that society should cover up things like this. I don’t think they should cover up for homosexuals, but on some level I understand why the Catholic Church did that (beyond just protecting the reputation of the Church, which honestly, is fair enough – sorry if you were molested by a priest). When it comes to any type of sexual indiscretion, there is a natural human urge to cover it up, because having it be public is bad for society.

If it’s gay or so-called “heterosexual pedophilia” (still looking for evidence that that exists, but insofar as it does), okay, blow the whistle. Nothing else should be in the news, quite frankly.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.