Mayokas DESTROYS Josh Hawley in Senate Hearing: “My WHOLE Family DIED in the HOLOCAUST!”

I saw this clip going around on social media of Jewish Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas Holo-splaining homosexual Senator Josh Hawley, a man who engages in acts such as rimming and fisting with men:

Keith Woods is kin, I assume he didn’t see the context, but this tweet is wrong. He was not being challenged on his open borders policies. In fact, it was actually the opposite – Hawley was demanding more immigration.

The full clip is incredible. Honestly, I don’t want to spoil it by describing it before you watch it. Here it is from C-SPAN (I hope this embed works for everyone):

Hawley brings out a gigantic board showing a tweet from a DHS employee who said negative things about Israel and showed support for Palestine, and Hawley keeps asking over and over if she was fired, demanding she be fired.

Then – you probably won’t even believe this, which is why I told you to watch the clip first – Hawley starts saying that the woman could have denied asylum to a Jewish asylum seeker trying to escape persecution by Hamas.


Hawley has become the single most extreme Jew-lover I’ve ever seen. I don’t think anyone compares to this. Lindsey Graham doesn’t even come close. Hawley is more aggressive about Israel than Ben Shapiro. He gets ultra emotional, frankly unhinged, and starts screaming about the oppression of the Jews. He also called for shutting down the internet to stop criticism of the Jews by Americans. He should be arrested for espionage, working for a foreign government to attempt to undermine the American state. It’s the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen.

After 5 minutes of these bizarre attacks, Mayorkas finally said the “my whole family was killed by Adolf Hitler” thing, but he said it in response to accusations by Hawley that he was working to oppress the Jews. I don’t even know if Mayorkas can be blamed for that.

If the clip had been what it is labeled as in the tweet, whining about the Holocaust in response to a question about the open border, it would not be shocking at all, and I wouldn’t put it past him. But in the context of what actually happened, it’s something much different.

Further: I am about six million times more outraged by white people who claim to support America supporting the sickening Jewish mass murder campaign in Gaza than I am by Jews whining about the Holocaust. Jews are gonna Jew, it is what it is, but these people in the government are supposed to be defending our country, and instead they promote the interests of a foreign country.

Josh Hawley is known for these idiotic and faggoty emotional outbursts during hearings (many politicians do this now for social media clout, turning the whole thing into a dumb circus), but I’ve never once seen him get this upset about any American problem.

I was actually shocked to see him calling for mass censorship on the internet in the wake of October 7.

See: Cocksucking Faggot Josh Hawley Calls for Mass Internet Censorship to Protect Jew Feelings

You may recall that his entire schtick was fighting internet censorship. That’s what put him on the radar of most American right-wingers. Frankly, I liked what he was saying about coming up with a strategy to prevent this mass censorship (although I always said I do not trust him, he’s clearly and obviously a homosexual, and his face is gross).

He’s now gone full censorship, in the name of the Jews. He went from being the anti-censorship guy in the Senate, to being the most aggressive advocate. His statements about TikTok were indistinguishable from those of “Nikki Haley.”

What’s more, he’s now pushing for censorship outside of the context of the Jews. Because, of course, any “in” for censorship allows them to censor anything they want.

The Senate last week did a “Big Tech and the Online Child Sexual Exploitation Crisis” hearing, where Zuckerberg and others were called in to be berated for not monitoring every single post on their websites that have hundreds of millions of readers, with Senators claiming that these companies should be monitoring every private message so an older man can’t send a sexy message to an underage girl.

Hawley did yet another one of these ultra-emotional childlike outrage performances, screaming at Zuck like a drunken Vietnam vet recalling the time he accidentally shot a child.

He also attacked the Chinese guy from TikTok.

The World Socialist Website (which I read, and generally like, as silly as that might sound) did a good review.

Kevin Reed wrote:

In a stage-managed exchange, Hawley repeatedly questioned Mark Zuckerberg, interrupted him and then demanded that the Meta CEO apologize to the families of children harmed by online sexual abuse, some of whom were sitting behind him in the audience at the hearing.

Hawley then went into an anticommunist and anti-Chinese tirade against TikTok’s Chew, accusing him of being an agent of a foreign hostile government and calling for the banning of the app in the United States. Hawley’s charges against TikTok are based on continuing unproven claims that user data on the platform is being queried, analyzed and used to spy on the American public by the Chinese Communist Party.

How data on the music and video preferences of teenagers and pre-teens would aid the Chinese government in a global conflict with the United States is never explained by the authors of such charges.

That’s my talking point!

The socialists might not agree with this, but these for-profit companies don’t have a responsibility to do morality. Companies have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to make as much money as possible, period. It’s not more complicated than that. Obviously, they must follow the laws, but if they’re not breaking the law, and the government doesn’t like what they are doing, the government needs to change the laws.

Hawley says “your job is to be responsible for what your company has done,” which is not remotely true, and violates the basics of the free market system.

Pfizer for example clearly engaged in crimes by working with regulators to lie about the safety of the vaccines, which the government then coerced people into taking (including through an illegal censorship program, which both Musk and Zuck blew the whistle on). Facebook is not doing that. They are just a website that people can use or not, and Section 230 explicitly says that as a platform, they are not responsible for the content that users post.

Zuck came across looking so fresh and so clean, clean after these wacky attacks. And frankly, he didn’t even do anything wrong. He didn’t even do the censorship, he was ordered by the government through secret FBI channels. This is different from Elon Musk, who does apology tours in Israel and Poland saying he wants to censor much more.

People want to be against Zuck because he’s rich and Jewish and Facebook is garbage and so on, but he hasn’t really done anything wrong. Again, his job is to make money. Facebook is a public company. Without breaking the law, he’s supposed to do whatever he can to make as much money as possible. Failing to monitor every message on the site to make sure someone isn’t flirting with a teenage girl is not breaking the law. He’s also not legally obligated to do research on how social media use is affecting people’s mental health.

At one point, Hawley said “you did it for money!” and it’s like bro, what even is this? Of course he did it for money. He runs a for-profit company. That’s his job. He can get sued if he doesn’t do it.

Again, I just want to stress: Hawley is looking for any reason to censor the internet because he wants to be able to censor content critical of Jews, as he has openly stated. This “won’t someone please think of the children” thing is literally a meme from The Simpsons, 30 years ago.