Meat is Healthy – Meat Industry Asserts Itself, Finally

I often feel like the boomers and the people that fleece the boomers – such as Jack Posobiec – trivialize real issues with stupid, unfunny memes.

I remember watching a Ben Shapiro event and an audience member ended a question with “also, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” and Shapiro said “that will never not be funny.” I was like “ey yo, hold up – this was your guy, Benny. Epstein was Mossad, and you are a de facto agent of the Israeli government.”

Mocking this makes it harmless, which is why Ben mocks it. If we were to look at it seriously, Shapiro literally has the same employer as Epstein.

Posobiec and others who remain inexplicably unbanned from everything – Crowder and Peterson you could throw in there, and Cernovich – are constantly making these “I will not eat the bugs” jokes, and trivializing something that is very real.

They actually are going to force you to eat bugs. It’s not really a joke. The Holocaust is a joke. Eating bugs is not funny at all.

Serious people would not be snarkily jibbing at people who want you to eat bugs, but instead making serious arguments for the benefits of meat.

The Guardian:

Big meat companies and lobby groups are planning a large presence at the Cop28 climate conference, equipped with a communications plan to get a pro-meat message heard by policymakers throughout the summit.

Documents seen by the Guardian and DeSmog show that the meat industry is poised to “tell its story and tell it well” at the Dubai conference.

The files show how the world’s largest meat company, JBS, is planning to come out in “full force” at the summit, along with other big industry hitters such as the Global Dairy Platform and the North American Meat Institute.

The documents, which were produced by the industry-funded Global Meat Alliance (GMA), emphasise the industry’s desire to promote “our scientific evidence” at the summit.

Members of the alliance have been asked to stick to key comms messages, which include the idea that meat is beneficial to the environment.

The documents also include a messaging summary with key talking points that present meat as “sustainable nutrition” and suggest that meat production can be beneficial to the environment.

It’s not only beneficial, it’s necessary.

We are using poisonous fertilizers, when we could in fact be using cow dung.

In a four-page set of arguments, the Global Meat Alliance claims that producers can “play a key role in environmentally sustainable food systems” and that the sector is “continuously driving towards carbon-friendly farming”.

Several of these arguments reference the idea that grazing livestock can help maintain healthy soils, which can store carbon. This is often described as “regenerative agriculture”. It is a favoured line with many food companies, despite the fact that scientists have said that soils are not a reliable way to store carbon in the long term, and that removals can be easily undone.

I don’t know about storing carbon in soil. I don’t care about that because I’m not a retard, and I can read basic literature and understand that carbon is not a pollutant; it is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of total greenhouse gasses.

It is healthy for the environment, as it helps plants grow.

Furthermore, the greenhouse effect is not negative. It’s impossible for manmade greenhouse gasses to change the weather, but if they did, it would be good. There is no explanation, at all, as to why rising temperatures would be a bad thing.

Moreover: temperatures are already rising, because we are at the end of an ice age.

The temperatures now are not even as high as they were in the warming age of the Middle Ages.

In the UK, people were building homes without indoor fireplaces. Now, people are freezing to death in the UK because the government declared war on Russia.

If you point out that temperatures are naturally rising because of the cycle of the sun, which has always happened, cornered global warmers will say “yeah, okay, but it’s making it worse.”

Of course, there is no way to measure that. It’s just a baseless assertion that “it would be even hotter.”

It’s the same thing with the coronavirus vaccine. People would get sick after taking the vax, and the Science would say “yeah, well, without the vax, they would get even sicker.” There is no way to measure it.

Frankly, I didn’t feel like writing a global warming article right now. But I get the impression that this global warming hoax is such a big lie that even right-wingers think there is something to it, because they cannot grasp that it could all be totally fake.

But: it is all totally fake.

There is nothing real about it.

It is a complete and total hoax.