US Catholic Bishops Defy Pope Francis’ Calls for Climate Action

Global warming is a hoax and a cult.

It is a false idol.

Only God can control the weather.


Hundreds of Catholic institutions around the globe have announced plans to divest their finances of oil, gas and coal to help fight climate change since Pope Francis published his landmark encyclical on environmental stewardship in 2015 urging a break with fossil fuels.

But in the United States, the world’s top oil and gas producer and where about a quarter of the population is Catholic, not a single diocese has announced it has let go of its fossil fuel assets.

Americans are the only legit Catholics.

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U.S. dioceses hold millions of dollars of stock in fossil fuel companies through portfolios intended to fund church operations and pay clergy salaries, according to a Reuters review of financial statements. And at least a dozen are also leasing land to drillers, according to land records.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), an assembly of the hierarchy of U.S. Catholic Church that sets policy guidance, told Reuters that its guidance on socially responsible investing was updated in 2021 to account for the pope’s encyclical but confirmed that it does not require divestment from fossil fuels.

Pope Francis had planned to attend the COP28 conference in Dubai this week, but canceled on Tuesday due to health concerns. The Vatican said it was weighing options to ensure a presence at the summit and Vatican sources said most likely a senior official would read the pope’s speech for him in Dubai, or the pope would use a video link.

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“He’s making another appeal,” said Dan DiLeo, director of the Justice and Peace Studies Program at Creighton University in Nebraska. “This is a call and a plea for fidelity.”

Sabrina Danielsen, a professor at Creighton University who has studied the engagement of U.S. bishops on the issue of climate change, said the U.S. Catholic hierarchy is rejecting the pope’s calls for divestment in part because of its traditionally conservative leanings.

Fewer than 1% of the more than 12,000 columns by U.S. bishops in official publications since 2014 mentioned climate change, Danielson found in a 2021 study, and many of those that did downplayed the urgency of global warming or described the topic as controversial.

The Pope is trying to destroy the Christian religion.

He cannot succeed… but the faithful are going to have to go against him, or he will succeed.

It was one thing when he was just talking insanely. But now he is enacting policy, and changing the nature of the Church doctrine in a fundamental way.

We have to rise up.

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