Media Releases Satellite Images “Proving” Russian War Crimes

The New York Times has released alleged satellite footage showing that the bodies in Bucha were lying on the streets when the Russians left on March 30.

New York Post:

Newly released satellite images show that bodies have been strewn in the streets of Ukraine’s Bucha for weeks, undermining Russian denials of a massacre — as President Volodymyr Zelensky prepares to address his claims of “genocide” to the UN Security Council on Tuesday.

The images taken by Maxar Technologies on March, 18, 19 and 31 appear to show bodies on one of the town’s roads, Yablonska Street, as invading forces unleashed terror there.

Other images also directly matched the locations where bodies were photographed still lying on the streets where Ukraine says hundreds of civilians were killed in a “massacre.”

Maxar Technologies said the imagery “verifies and corroborates recent social media videos and photos that reveal bodies lying in the streets and left out in the open for weeks.”

Satellite imagery expert Jeffrey Lewis said it was “very straightforward” to deduce what the new images showed.

The mayor of the city didn’t notice these bodies lying everywhere in the street when he announced that the Russians were gone on March 31. He was smiling about how happy he was.

Here’s the video (download it because they will delete it).

It took three days. People were just driving around in the streets and didn’t notice the bodies, then all a sudden they were like “hey, what the heck – there are corpses everywhere!”

No one can prove this NYT footage. No one is going to ask about it.

It’s utterly useless, actually. Blurry footage that wasn’t released until after the bodies were “discovered,” which we are just supposed to believe the New York Times about. Because the New York Times has never lied about anything.

The corpses actually look like they’ve been dragged out into the street. There isn’t any blood. Compare that to Ukrainians shooting people in this torture video.

Did the Russians mop up the blood before leaving?

Yes, it is possible for someone to die from a gunshot without there being a pile of blood. Okay. Or maybe it rained. Okay.

However, we are supposed to believe these bodies were rotting in the street for three days. You can search what a body that has been rotting in the street for three days (or two weeks???) looks like, if you want. I don’t recommend it. But it looks different than the bodies in these videos. I can tell you that.

What’s more: there are dogs all over the place, and dogs have been eating the bodies in Mariupol. In Bucha, they keep saying “Russians killed dogs.” Maybe that is to preempt people asking why the dogs didn’t jump on these corpses after two weeks or three days or whatever it is they’re claiming now – “Russia killed every dog in the area!”

Meanwhile, Ukrainians continue to commit actual war crimes.

This really is World War Covid.

They are using the coronavirus mind-conditioning to get people to believe literally anything.

Not one single person has been able to explain to me why Russians would randomly butcher a bunch of civilians for no reason, while Russians have been the ones unilaterally establishing humanitarian corridors after the Ukrainian government refused to allow civilians to leave because they wanted to use them as human shields.

Here are the brave heroes in a house full of human shields, menacing them with the Terminator theme song.

Remember: those are the good guys.

If Russians were willing to slaughter civilians, then why are they not using bombs?

Remember: they dropped the Mariupol theatre hoax. They originally claimed more people died there than they are claiming died in Bucha. They dropped it because there were all these eyewitness testimonies of people saying Azov bombed the theatre, and a bombing is something they could have investigated in Russian-controlled territory. The Russians said Azov did it and the Russians control the area.

So they just dropped the story.

Now this new story can’t be “disproved.”

Although it was kind of stupid to come out and say the bodies were lying there from March 18 to April 2. I think that actually does disprove the claim. Bodies bloat up. It’s not cold enough there to prevent that.

And what about the dogs?