Mexican President Says Fentanyl is an American Social Decay Problem, Blames Single Moms

He’s right you know.

Single moms are the real virus.


The fentanyl crisis claiming tens of thousands of American lives every year is of the US’ own making, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopes Obrador, known as AMLO, said in a statement on Thursday.

Here, we do not produce fentanyl, and we do not have consumption of fentanyl,” AMLO continued, advising Americans to “take care of their problem of social decay” instead of waging literal war on drug cartels.

The Mexican leader argued the addiction epidemic north of the border had more to do with social ills like single-parent families, parents who evict grown children, and grown children who stash their elderly relatives in care homes “and visit them once a year,” than any issues on the supply side, even though his government has seized tens of millions of doses of the drug in recent years.

AMLO’s statement followed a call by US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) to “unleash the fury and might of the US against these cartels.” While stressing that he did not want to “invade Mexico,” the notoriously belligerent Republican argued the Pentagon should “destroy drug labs that are poisoning Americans.”

The Mexican president denounced Graham’s words as “an insult to Mexico and a lack of respect for our independence and sovereignty,” threatening to tell all Mexicans and Hispanics living in the US to vote against the “inhuman and interventionist” Republican Party.

Meanwhile, after some Americans got killed in Mexico, conservatives have started calling for a war against Mexico.

War captain Vivek is front and center, calling for an invasion.

Invading Mexico is kind of a funny idea I guess, but come on. We have serious problems in this country, including single moms causing everyone to be addicted to fentanyl.

The fact is, Mexico is now a much better country than America.

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