Mexico Files Complaint Over Texas’ Inflatable Toy Barrier

Stop right there!

Put down the blow-up toy – by order of Mehico!

New York Post:

Mexican officials lodged a complaint with the United States government over the floating barriers Texas installed in the Rio Grande River to deter migrants from crossing into the state illegally.

If the orange buoys impede the flow of the river, they could be in violation of 1944 and 1970 treaties between Mexico and the US that govern the boundaries and water that separate the two nations, Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretary Alicia Bárcena wrote in a diplomatic note.

“We are sending a mission, a territorial inspection to see where the buoys are located … to carry out this topographical survey to verify that they do not cross into Mexican territory,” she added.

Her letter also complained about barbed wire fencing being placed along a low-lying island in the river near Eagle Pass, Texas.

It’s still unclear how much of it actually has barbed wire.

But it doesn’t really matter, because you can just duck your head and swim under. You can easily toss children over it.

This is a ridiculous thing.

Greg Abbott is thinking like a cripple – “I can’t swim so I guess other people can’t either!”

I’m so sick of Republican cripples.

We should tell Mike Pence to go put these blow-up toys outside of Kharkov. The Russians will never figure out how to get past them!