Bikini-Clad Monstrosities Terrorize Bus Passengers in Ocean City

I remember when Ocean City was a nice family place.

Now, of course, fat, tattooed sluts roam the city – waiting for their chance to strike.

New York Post:

Two bikini-clad women are wanted after they allegedly spat at and bit passengers on a bus in a popular Maryland beach destination.

The scantily-clad suspects were seen in photos released by authorities of the attack on Saturday evening on public transportation in Ocean City.

Four victims were spit on by the female in the white bathing suit. One victim was bit by the female in the green bathing suit,” Ocean City police said.

One image shows the irate woman in the white bikini holding up her cell phone as she is being held back by another woman in a grey bathing suit.

This is what they are telling you a utopia looks like.

The Jews, I mean.

They’re telling you that.