Millions of Iraqis Take to Streets to Celebrate US Occupation of Their County!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2020

The people are celebrating in the streets because Mike Pompeo and friends have finally liberated them from the clutches of the bad guys. I mean, that’s what they told us would happen, right?

Anyways, let’s just forget about the details and just look at the happy crowds!


A massive demonstration –called for by a prominent Shia cleric– has flooded the streets of the Iraq’s capital Baghdad, with thousands voicing their anger at the US military presence there.

Early on Friday morning, throngs of protesters – men and women, young and old – began amassing at al-Hurriya Square in central Baghdad, near the city’s main university. The anti-America rally, dubbed the “Million-man March,” was called by Moqtada al-Sadr, Iraq’s top Shiite cleric.

Some were wearing white robes, symbolizing their readiness to die for a religious cause, while others were pictured holding signs that read: “To the families of American soldiers – insist on the withdrawal of [your] sons from our country or prepare their coffins!”

What they are really trying to say is that they appreciate all of the Humans Right Democracy that the US has brought to their country and want more of it, please.

Jokes aside, Iraq is about to go up in flames.

This protest is a line in the sand moment, but for the Iraqis. We have yet another million-man march, right on the heels of the million-man march in Iran following the death of the good Colonel. If this doesn’t show some sort of consensus in the region, I don’t know what does.

And as everyone knows, the rebellion in Fallujah began because an Iraqi assassin failed to land a shoe throw at President Bush.

Had that shoe landed, history may have taken a different turn. But it missed and the Iraqis had to turn things up a notch. The rest is history: the marines were expelled and then sent back in to level Fallujah to the ground. Then the Iraq war entered a bloody period of insurgency that it never really fully worked its way out of.

Aside from triggering a flare-up of military tensions and a retaliatory Iranian strike on US bases in Iraq, the killing sparked outrage among those Iraqis who see the 16-year American troop presence in their country as an unlawful occupation.

Official Baghdad, for its part, blamed Washington for breaching its sovereignty, with the lawmakers of the Islamic republic having passed a non-binding resolution calling on the government to expel all foreign troops from the country.

US media has suggested that the Pentagon was planning the withdrawal of its 5,000 troops from Iraq, but these reports were officially refuted afterwards.

And now we see the signs of a new insurgency brewing. The shoe – the sacred war symbol of the sand-people – has made its appearance again. It is unmistakable.

When the shoe is shown, it means that the soldiers will fight to the death to rid their country of its foreign oppressor.

Donald Trump has been warned.