Millions of Israeli Jews Ready to Swarm Into Europe Through Portuguese Back Door

Daily Stormer
September 16, 2019

Our Hebraic friends may be pulling off their biggest, and potentially most consequential, scam since the Holocaust.

Jews are claiming that millions of them (millions!) are entitled to Portuguese citizenship and therefore the right to reside anywhere in the EU, with easy access also to the US.

The problem arises because of the “Laws of Return” passed by Spain and Portugal a few years ago, giving Jews whose ancestors were “forced to leave” Spain and Portugal centuries ago the right to return there.

While the Spanish law was time-limited and required Jews to significantly substantiate their claim and demonstrate a knowledge of the Spanish language and an interest in the country, the requirements of the Portuguese law were much shallower, being essentially left to the discretion of the Jews themselves. Applicant Jews simply had to gain the approval of other designated Jewish organisations, and there was no time limit for making the claim.

This article was translated from Hebrew by Gilad Atzmon. (Atzmon is a “renegade Jew” who is regularly accused of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial by other Jews. He is a jazz musician of some note. Whenever he tries to arrange a gig, Jews bombard the venue with complaints to try and get it shut down.)

Demand for a Portuguese passport breaks records, but it isn’t just young (Israelis) seeking new experiences, but also businessmen and investors who take advantage of citizenship as leverage for business development across the entire (European) continent.

In recent years we have noticed an increase of hundreds of percent in (Israeli) demand for Portuguese passports. The passport, which provides European citizenship, opens the door to residential living on the continent, freedom of movement in the Union countries, free tuition, many job opportunities, and the right to free entry into many countries around the world, including the United States. Therefore, it is no wonder that demand is breaking records and soon tens of thousands of Israelis will hold a Portuguese passport.

The law that offers Israelis the opportunity to gain Portuguese citizenship does not have a complex bureaucracy or requirements such as knowledge of the language or residence in the country, it has just one basic condition: recognition of the local Jewish community of the roots of the citizenship applicant as a descendant of Spanish and Portuguese expatriates.

Many Israelis understand the opportunity provided by the new law and seek to take advantage of it: In 2017, some 700 applications for citizenship were submitted monthly, by 2018, an average of 2,200 applications were submitted each month – three times as many businessmen, high-tech companies and real estate investors who understood the economic potential of European citizenship.

For business people operating in Europe and their investors, a Portuguese passport allows for the expansion of job opportunities and investment opportunities. They can also relocate to any of the EU countries, work without a work visa and enjoy tax benefits and easing conditions in banks like any European citizen.

It is estimated that in Israel, millions are eligible for a Portuguese passport from the descendants of Spanish Jews deported, concentrated mainly in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya and Egypt), the Balkans (Greece, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslavia), Turkey, and South America.

Even this article is misleading. The Portuguese law requires that Jews applying for citizenship demonstrate ties to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin. The Jews imply that it applies to either Portuguese or Spanish communities.

This could turn out to be one of the biggest scams in history because, in reality, only a few dozen Jews were ever expelled from Portugal; yet, master scam artists that they are, they are now claiming millions are entitled to Portuguese citizenship.

What makes the scam possible is a cloudy understanding, in the minds of many historians and, seemingly, even the Portuguese government itself, of exactly what happened to the Jews of Portugal during the so-called expulsion.

To clarify things, here is a basic timeline of events:

January 1492: The Castilian and Aragonese “Catholic Monarchs” Isabel and Ferdinand capture Granada, the last Moslem outpost in Spain.

March 1492: The Catholic Monarchs tell Jews they have until 31 July to leave Spain, on pain of execution if found in the country after that date.

Summer 1492: Some of the Jews fleeing Spain enter Portugal by arrangement with the Portuguese government. They make a payment to the Portuguese king in return for being allowed to live there for six or eight months (accounts vary) after which, it was agreed, they would leave.

1493: Most of the Jews who had come from Spain leave as agreed. 600 families are allowed to remain after making a special payment for the privilege.

1496: The Portuguese king Manuel wants to marry the Spanish princess, Isabel (Ferdinand and Isabel’s daughter). She is a devout Christian and says she doesn’t want to live in a country with Jews in it.

1496: Manuel decides to expel all Jews in the country (the Jews who had come from Spain and the other Jews were already living in Portugal before that) to appease Isabel; he decides to throw in an expulsion of the Moslems too for good measure, even though Spanish diplomats hadn’t asked for that. (Spain hadn’t yet expelled its Moslems). The expulsion decree is published in December and the Jews and Moslems are ordered to leave by the end of the forthcoming year, 1497.

“We request, require and command for Our blessing, and on pain of a royal curse on Our successors that no Jew or free Muslim should ever be allowed at any future date to reside or stay within these Our realms and lordships for any cause or reason whatsoever”

1497: Manuel decides he doesn’t really want the Jews to leave because he thinks they contribute to the nation’s prosperity. He pressures them to convert to Christianity by kidnapping their children and having them raised as Christians. When that is only partially effective, he uses violence to intimidate the rest. In the end, only a few Jews (mainly rabbis) hold out against these violent inducements. The Ajuda codex says their number was “7 or 8.” A Jewish source says 27. After a while, these few Jews are allowed to leave.

There we have it then. Only a few Jews were ever expelled from Portugal, yet, on the basis of this tiny number of expulsions, millions of Israeli Jews are now asserting their right to Portuguese citizenship!

The scam seems to be based on a few key falsehoods.

  1. That all the Jews expelled from Spain went to Portugal. Not true. Many left for other destinations.
  2. That these Jews were then expelled from Portugal when, in reality, their stay in Portugal was agreed in advance to be temporary.
  3.  That the expulsion edict of 1496 was actually fulfilled. In reality, as previously noted, a forcible conversion took place and almost no Jews actually left.

After they had been “converted,” of course, the Jews then set to work on a mission of revenge. A letter was found, sent by a Jew in Constantinople, urging Portuguese Jews to become doctors “so that they might control the souls and bodies of the Christians.” The Jews claimed the letter was a forgery. But complaints about the dubious practices of Jewish doctors began to pile up. These (and other) concerns about disloyal or even hostile Jews led to the establishment of the Inquisition in Portugal in 1536. The Inquisitors had no doubt that Jewish doctors were poisoning their patients.

A [New Christian] doctor confessed to the Holy Office (after confessing his Judaism) that he killed many Old Christians using purgatives and other drugs that did not cure the illnesses from which they were suffering. If he
treated some [Old Christian patients] with the appropriate drugs, it was to preserve his standing and reputation. [He acted in this way because], had he killed all of his patients, nobody would have wanted to be treated by him and he would thus not have been able to earn a living through his profession.

And it’s fascinating to note that when the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, was struck by an earthquake in 1755, a fire broke out afterwards, which became a firestorm, destroying almost the entire city, except for the part inhabited by the “former” Jews, which remained strangely untouched by the fire.

By trying to force the Jews to convert, Portugal had simply internalized the Jewish problem and made it permanent rather than expunging it forever at a stroke. Thereafter cryptos and hybrids became permanent features of Portuguese life.

The Inquisition was the Portuguese people’s sole defense against this Enemy Within. When it was abolished by liberals in 1821, they actually begged the Jews to come back. Portuguese elites have continued to display similar weakness. Here was their Tourism Minister, Ana Menes Godinho, speaking in 2018:

“As we have a vast Jewish heritage and a very ancient and profound connection to Jewish communities — we have evidence of Jewish presence in Portugal since 390 AD — we identified as a priority the promoting of the Jewish Legacy and of the Jewish routes in Portugal,” she said. “It is quite interesting to remember that in the 15th century, circa 20 percent of the Portuguese population was Jew, so we always say that every Portuguese may have a Jewish origin.”

Note the significance of Manuel’s curse, spelled out in the decree of expulsion in 1496.

“We request, require and command for Our blessing, and on pain of a royal curse on Our successors that no Jew or free Muslim should ever be allowed at any future date to reside or stay within these Our realms and lordships for any cause or reason whatsoever

By allowing the Jews to come back, Portugal’s current government is activating this ancient curse imposed by the man considered one of Portugal’s greatest ever kings.

Why does any of this matter? Let’s say Israel collapses, either because of military defeat by Moslems (unlikely) or demographic change in which crazy religious Jews take over the country (quite likely). Where are the Ashkenazi going to go then? Equipped with their new Portuguese passports, they will be lugging their ever-packed suitcases back to Europe or over the pond to America, to no doubt there cause more of that special brand of unique problems they have specialized in creating over the centuries.