Mom of 12-Year-Old Girl Who Killed Little Brother Thinks ADHD Medication is to Blame

We should note that this appears to be a single mom situation, which no doubt made the whole situation a lot worse.

However: I have no trouble believing that something like this could happen in a healthy home with a father.

“ADHD medication” is literally just speed.

The Adderall package lists the only ingredient as “amphetamine.”

So, these people are giving pretty hardcore narcotics to little kids, and then telling us this is very normal and helps them to learn.

It’s amazing that this was ever allowed in the first place, but they’ve been doing it since Ritalin came out in the 1990s. Who even knows how many deaths it’s caused.

New York Post:

The heartbroken mom of the Oklahoma girl who fatally stabbed her younger brother in a “demonic” rage said the child had recently become “angry for no reason” while taking ADHD medication — but by the time she pulled her daughter off it, it was too late and she experienced a “manic episode.”

April Lyda revealed during an interview on NewsNation on Thursday night what she believes led her daughter to attack her 9-year-old brother, Zander, in the chest on Jan. 5 at their home in Tulsa.


“From what we found it looks like it was a medication issue, not anything else. Like a manic episode of some kind,” a tearful Lyda told host Chris Cuomo.

She said her daughter became irritable when she was placed back on medication for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

Asked why she had been taken off the meds, Lyda explained that the girl had cut her arms “within a month of being back on it.”

“So I immediately took her off. After speaking to the school, and her doctor, and herself – we had a long conversation — she said that she felt like she was really irritated, irritable, angry for no reason on the medication.

“So of course I took her off of it. Unfortunately, it was too late. The damage was done. Stuff like this kind of thing can happen months or even years after being off of the medication like this,” the grieving mom said.

She said her daughter had been home-schooled for some time but when she went back to school her doctor recommended putting her back on the medication because her grades dropped.

“And so I put her back on it. And then a few weeks later, a month later, she cut her arms. So that’s when I was told to take her back off of it, which I did immediately,” Lyda said.


“So she was on it for five years straight and we only took her off of it because she wanted to see if she could go without it and do her schoolwork without it,” she explained.

Lyda said her daughter cut herself right before she attacked her brother.

Why is a 12-year-old girl even in school at all?

She should be getting prepared for marriage and family. At best, she should be in school learning to cook and how to change the bag on a vacuum cleaner, not doing algebra equations that her brain can’t compute unless she’s high on speed.

Educating women is just all around retarded. I mean, we can argue about teaching them to read, but they definitely don’t need to be in school when they’re 12 doing math problems. That does not even make any sense.

Also, let’s just assume you believed in all this bullshit: why not just give kids caffeine pills?

Why go straight to hardcore narcotics, and risk causing amphetamine psychosis?