“More Contagious” Anti-Vaccine South African Coronavirus Strain is Now in New York

As soon as people start saying “hey, by your own measure, things are better now, so maybe give us back some of our rights and freedoms?”, the overlords discover some kind of new strain or reason why everyone must continue to live in a perpetual house arrest.

It’s all just a terrible coincidence, really, but what this means is that you’re still a prisoner.

Daily Mail:

New York’s fight against COVID-19 gained new hope on Sunday, as the state’s positive infection rate reached an almost three-month low.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state’s rate of infection dipped to 2.99 percent on Sunday, the first time the rate has been below 3.00 percent since November 23.

Since then, cases have surged around the holidays, and new, more contagious variants have spread.

See? We really do want to give you your rights back, but these new coronavirus variants just keep popping out of nowhere!

Daily Mail:

A Long Island patient has become the first New York resident to test positive for the feared South African coronavirus variant, governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday.

The lab-confirmed case comes a week after the strain was first detected in the state, in a Connecticut resident who was hospitalized in New York City.

Believed to be more contagious and capable of weakening vaccines, the South African variant first surfaced in the US in two South Carolina adults in late January, and has since appeared in at least nine other states including Illinois and California.

How could someone imagine these are all random events, that just happen to follow a pre-determined path that benefits an agenda that billionaires and politicians have been writing about for decades?

People’s brains are like mush.