Naked Man Desecrates Vatican for the Glory of the Ukraine

The Ukraine is a satanic country.

All anal countries are satanic countries, but the Ukraine is particularly extreme.

Of course they are at war with God. They are homosexuals and Jews.

New York Post:

A man visiting the Vatican stripped off his clothes and ran naked to the main altar in St. Peter’s Basilica in an apparent act of protest against the war in Ukraine, officials said.

An image posted online shows the man with an inscription painted on his back calling for Ukrainian children to be saved.

Guards handed the unidentified man over to Italian police, a Vatican source told Reuters, adding that he also had self-inflicted cuts on his body from his fingernails.

It’s unclear if he faces charges.

How could he not face charges?

A serious Pope would have him executed.

The Vatican is a sovereign country, and the Pope can just have this guy executed without any due process.

Of course, this pope probably supports it.