Nearly 3 in 5 German Industry Associations Expect Terrible 2023 Because of Energy Prices

Who are the 2 in 5?

Government shills, I suppose.

Germany’s industry is basically canceled. Almost all of it is just going to have to shut down. Right now, they are thinking they can hold on until things get better, but there is literally no expectation that things are ever going to get better. The overlords are planning to replace Russian gas with useless, hateful, anti-bird wind farms.


Nearly three out of five German industry associations are pessimistic about next year and expect their companies to produce less as high energy prices due to the war in Ukraine show no signs of abating, found a survey published Tuesday.

Of the 49 associations surveyed by the IW economic institute, 30 said they expect their members to produce less, while 13 said they expect their sectors to produce more.

Nearly 40 associations said the current situation for their companies is worse than a year ago, when many assumed that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic had been mostly overcome.

Businesses do not expect the high energy prices to fall back to pre-crisis levels in the foreseeable future. That clouds the outlook for the coming year enormously,” said IW economic expert Michael Groemling.

This stupid Ukraine hoax hasn’t affected America like it’s affected Germany.

I just can’t hardly believe there aren’t more protests.

When Jews shut down my company, I did nothing but protest.