Nearly 40% of Baby Food Products Contain Toxic Chemicals

Is this what you wanted?

Most of this probably isn’t even from China.

What the Americans did when they began exporting all production to China was make it so that to produce anything in the US, companies had to slash quality standards.

Why did the boomers agree to move all of US production to China? What sort of an insane act…?

Why did they agree to cut basic safety standards?

Now it’s all poisonous baby food.

The Guardian:

Nearly 40% of conventional baby food products analyzed in a new US study were found to contain toxic pesticides, while none of the organic products sampled in the survey contained the chemicals.

The research, conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) non-profit, looked at 73 products and found at least one pesticide in 22 of them. Many products showed more than one pesticide, and the substances present a dangerous health threat to babies, researchers said.

Babies and young children are particularly vulnerable to the health risks posed by pesticides in food – and food is the way most children will be exposed to pesticides,” said Sydney Evans, a senior science analyst at EWG and co-author of the report.

The study looked at products from Beech-Nut, Gerber and Parent’s Choice, though it did not specifically identify which of the companies’ products contained pesticide residue.

Among pesticides it detected were acetamiprid, a neonicotinoid insecticide that harms bees and humans, and captan, which is linked to cancer. Fludioxonil, a product commonly used on fruits, vegetables and cereals, was found in five products and is thought to harm fetal development, cause changes in immune system cells and disrupt hormones.

Other pesticides are linked to nervous and reproductive system damage, and very little public toxicity data exists for four pesticides identified in the study.

Apple-based products were the most likely to contain high levels of pesticide residue, and blueberries, pears and strawberries are also among produce that commonly hold high levels of the chemicals.

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