Widely Used Insecticides Harm Men’s Fertility, Study Finds

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The Guardian:

Exposure to several widely used insecticides probably decreases sperm concentration and may have profound effects on male fertility, new US research finds.

The George Mason University paper analyzed five decades of peer-reviewed studies to determine if organophosphates and carbamate-based pesticides exposure correlated with decreased sperm concentration.

Collectively, the studies researchers included looked at about 1,800 men, and showed what co-author Melissa Perry, dean of the George Mason College of Public Health, characterized as a “strong association”.

“Based on this meta analysis, we believe insecticide exposure … is impacting overall sperm concentration,” she told the Guardian. “The message is we need to reduce insecticide exposure in order to ensure men who are planning a family or want to conceive children are able to do that without interference.”

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The findings come amid growing concern over global declines in sperm concentration and quality. Recent research estimated sperm concentration has plummeted by about 50% over the last 50 years, and Perry said the insecticides could represent a piece of that puzzle.

About 15m pounds of organophosphates are spread on US cropland annually, and the chemical formula has been linked to cancer, while exposure during pregnancy is tied to neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and autism. The insecticide is also commonly used on lawns or indoors.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced this year it was accelerating new regulations for some types of organophosphates because they are much more toxic than previously thought. Carbamates are similarly utilized, and both are neurotoxins that work by damaging an enzyme that regulates an insect’s nerve signals sent throughout its body.

They knew they were toxic, and when they are finally forced to stop using them, they will switch to something that is just as toxic (if not more so) until public outcry forces another regulation.

The lack of regulation on chemicals and poisons in the US is totally insane. It’s the reason for the obesity issue. Look at the rest of the world – they don’t have this problem because there are regulations on how processed the food can be.