The Supreme Court Won’t Ban Trump from Running

What is going on here?

The media is hyping this all up, but it’s just stupid to suggest the Supreme Court will ban Trump from running.

They will ban him from getting elected if they’re asked to side with vote fraudsters, but they won’t ban him from running.


The US Supreme Court will wade into uncharted legal waters on Thursday as it considers if Donald Trump should be barred from running for president.

The justices will weigh if Colorado can strike Mr Trump off its ballot after finding he engaged in insurrection over the US Capitol riot.

Their decision will also determine if similar bids to keep Mr Trump off the ballot in other states are valid.

He is the definitive frontrunner to be the Republican party’s candidate.

Unless the justices rule against Mr Trump, he looks likely to challenge Democratic President Joe Biden in November.

Mr Trump’s name so far remains on the Colorado ballot, pending the court’s ruling. Maine also has excluded Mr Trump from its ballot, a decision on hold, too, while the justices consider the matter.

The legal challenge hinges on a Civil War-era constitutional amendment that bans anyone who has “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” from holding federal office.

Court rulings are just creative writing at this point, so all the SCOTUS has to say is that the law only applies to people who fought in the Civil War.