Putin’s Plan to Conquer All of Europe is Windmills and Trannies

I can’t fucking take this shit anymore. My convalescence was totally botched, and I’ve lost all patience. Even pseudo-ironic post-nihilistic gallows humor has stopped satiating me.

Between global warming, trannies, and Putin’s plan to conquer Europe, I cannot take these mind-numbing, moronic lies anymore. It’s all just too stupid. Too absurd.

Anthropogenic global warming isn’t real. It is obviously not real. There are huge amounts of data proving this, but instead, we get “95% of climatologists agree.” Well, faggot – what the fuck is a “climatologist”? This is a science? What is its history? Wasn’t there already a weather science, called “meteorology,” which dates back to the 18th century? Why did the United Nations create a new, fake science discipline? Why would you not ask that question? You’re going to mow down forests and build windmills that are slated to create billions of tons of poisonous chemicals that can’t be removed from the water system based on baseless assertions by people who you can prove are making trillions of dollars on this project? An MIT study estimated that a 2 MW wind turbine contains 800 pounds of rare earth minerals. Do you know how much toxic waste that produces? Where the fuck is that shit going to go, faggot? Protip: It’s going in your water, dickhead. It’s going in everyone’s water. Do you even have any idea what rare earth minerals are in the first place? Do you know about the toxic waste pits? You want to lecture me about fucking “science”?

Trannies are… well, that is just. It’s too much. There’s nothing even to say about it; if you believe someone’s soul can be born in the wrong body, but you’re also an atheist who doesn’t believe in the soul in the first place, you are not simply a godless retard who will believe stupid lies because the government said it, you are clinically insane. How can a soul be trapped in the wrong body? What the fuck does that even mean? This is a metaphysical claim being made by ideological materialists. It’s blatantly malicious. The “gender confirmation” industry is obscenely profitable. They are destroying vulnerable people on purpose. For money. And you faggots want to moralize, as you grab autistic kids, shoot them full of cancer-causing, brain-shrinking chemicals, and chop their dicks up?

And then you have Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney backing the claim that Russia is planning to march on fucking London. Why? How? To what end? What does this shit even mean? How does a border dispute in the former USSR amount to a plan to conquer Europe? Russia is losing in the Ukraine, they are stealing dishwashers because they’re so poor, but they are also capable of rolling across all of Europe, and they are planning to sacrifice all of their national interests to do so? This is insane.

Putin’s plan to invade all of Europe for no reason other than sheer meanness is windmills and trannies. It’s the coronavirus pandemic, it’s the racist police conspiracy, it’s the invisible underground secret Uyghur genocide. Everything that we hear is a lie, and not just a lie, but a preposterous farce.

It’s not the Matrix. It’s not an immersive world of lies you can’t distinguish from reality. It’s a series of really, really stupid hoaxes that you can work through in your brain in under 3 minutes if you have even the most basic concern for the difference between truth and falsehood.

The only reason people would believe lies this stupid is because they enjoy it. Denial of truth, beauty, and virtue is a drug.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy urged allies at a global security conference on Saturday to plug an “artificial” shortage of weapons that is giving Russian forces the upper hand on the battlefield and said stalled U.S. aid was imperative.

Addressing the gathering of politicians, diplomats and military officials from around the world, who gave him a standing ovation, Zelenskiy mixed gratitude for the support shown by Western countries with urging them for more.

Why the fuck does every single news article spell “Zelensky” differently? What is the purpose of this? Why am I the only one who brings it up? Is it a deliberate psychological warfare campaign?

He spoke at a critical juncture in Russia’s nearly two-year-old invasion of Ukraine, with his troops forced to withdraw from the devastated eastern town of Avdiivka.

Ukraine faces acute shortages of ammunition and U.S. military aid has been delayed for months in Congress.

Unfortunately keeping Ukraine in an artificial deficit of weapons, particularly in … artillery and long-range capabilities, allows (Russian President Vladimir) Putin to adapt to the current intensity of the war,” Zelenskiy said.

He said that sending additional packages of weapons and air defences to Ukraine was the most important thing its allies could do.

Avdeevka has fallen, she has fallen, woe unto her.

Another strategic point on the road to the river has fallen.

Schumer and Romney are telling you they’re going to build an army on the fly, out of thin air, and march them into Southern Russia to destroy the Putinist state for the low, low price of $60 billion.

It’s not going to happen. This is mere gobbledygook. After $60 billion, there will be a lot more dead Ukrainians and the arms manufacturers will have a lot more money. Operatives in the beltway will continue to build new mansions, while screaming fat whores and mushy faggots moralize about Putin, because he reminds them of their fathers and therefore must be brutally murdered by any means necessary. No cost is too high. No pile of bodies too mountainous: “kill daddy.”

Then, Russia will still win.