New York City to Deploy Special Police to Combat Looming Right-Wing Menace!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2019

New York City is rapidly developing into a giant Jewish fortress/open-air prison camp for the Whites still left there.

New York Times:

For almost two decades, the intelligence bureau of the New York Police Department has built a security apparatus designed to track international terror groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

Now, the department is aiming those resources at a different target: far-right and extremist hate groups.

Police officials say they have formed a new unit within the department’s intelligence bureau, known as “Racially and Ethnically Motivated Extremism,” or “R.E.M.E,” that will be primarily dedicated to investigating terror threats from far-right and neo-Nazi organizations, including groups like the Atomwaffen Division and The Proud Boys. 

So now we have R.E.M.E. out there hunting right-wingers, but strangely no mention of I.N.C.E.L.

John Miller, the commissioner of the intelligence division, said the far-right extremist groups are not that different in nature from Islamic extremist groups like Al Qaeda. “There’s no different recipe except our offenders are likely to be on the ground here,” he said in an interview.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the unit’s creation on Wednesday at City Hall, just a day after a gun battle in Jersey City, during which two people with guns opened fire at two different locations, including a kosher supermarket, killing three bystanders and a Jersey City detective. 

So after Black Hebrews/Israelites attacked the police, Mayor de Blasio announced that they would start cracking down on right-wing groups like Atomwaffen (doesn’t exist anymore) and Proud Boys (mostly disbanded). Both of these groups are at least majority White, while the True Sons and Daughters of Abraham are not. There have been no White attacks on Jews in New York to speak of, but a lot of black-on-Jew violence.

Oh yeah, and though this is not explicitly said, this is clearly a Jewish Defense Force compromised of goys.

“What we saw yesterday was a premeditated, violent, anti-Semitic hate crime,” Mr. de Blasio said. “In other words, you can say it was an act of terror.”

The two suspects, a man and a woman, were killed in a shootout with police. The man, who has been identified as David N. Anderson, 47, had a history of posting anti-Semitic and anti-police rhetoric online, one law enforcement official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss an open investigation.

The R.E.M.E. unit appears to be one of the first of its kind organized in a local police department, and its creation underscores the urgency with which law enforcement views the threat of far-right inspired attacks. According to the Anti-Defamation League, which tracks such incidents, 50 people were killed by extremists in the United States in 2018, and every one of the incidents was linked to far-right ideologies.

The ADL is angling to become a Bolshevik-style central committee in control of secret police hit squads that can be deployed to terrorize the goyim. They already have the FBI in their clutches, but they need more firepower going forward for when they unleash their Red Terror on the people.

The unit will use the same tools that are applied in other terrorism investigations, said Thomas Galati, the chief of the department’s intelligence bureau. In an interview, Mr. Galati declined to go into specific detail. But police officials said those tools could include anything from tracking internet message boards to undercover operations inside far-right groups.

And you just know you’re not going to see R.E.M.E. diving in to save Chinese tourists who wandered into the Bronx, let me just tell you that right now. Sorry in advance, Mr. Wong. I am not advice.

Best to avoid New York and not fall into a real “Escape From New York” scenario if you can.

By the by, we already saw a proto-R.E.M.E out on the streets in nearby New Jersey earlier this week!

New York has basically become a forward operating base for ZOG. I fully expect actual IDF soldiers to be deployed to New York City within the coming years to protect America’s precious Jews and their gold from the hordes of angry goyim all around them.