New York: More Rabbis Banned from Mutilating and Sucking on the Penises of Infants

Daily Stormer
August 6, 2014

Wattcha doin rabbi????
Wattcha doin rabbi????

Wow, the Jewish ritual of mutilating and then sucking on the penises of small boys sure is getting a lot of legal and media attention these days.

Very good to see. Like the Gaza genocide, the penis mutilation and sucking really shows the nature of the disgusting Jewish race.

Huffington Post:

New York City has reportedly banned two mohels, persons trained to perform ritual circumcisions, after several babies became infected with herpes, Forward reports.

The mohels had performed metzitzah b’peh (MBP), a circumcision rite practiced in some ultra-Orthodox communities that involves using the mouth to remove blood from the recently-cut penis. The practice has been implicated in infant deaths in the past — including a two-week-old infant in 2011 and another in 2004.

New York City authorities banned the mohel involved in the 2004 death, Rabbi Yitzchok Fischer, from performing the ritual, but the health department has not named the two recently-banned mohels.

Though the practice remains legal, the New York City health department implemented new measures in 2012 requiring mohels to receive written parental consent before performing direct oral suctioning. The health department also noted that The New York State Department of Health has documented cases of HSV-1 infection in male babies after MBP circumcisions that have lead to illness, brain damage and in some cases death.

Forward reported that several mohels have been known to violate the city’s regulations, and Gothamist suggested that some mohels have continued practicing MBP even after being banned from conducting the rite.