New York: Woman Arrested for Trying to Kick Out Squatters from House She Owns

You can’t just kick people out of your house.

It’s against the law.

The Post Millennial:

A 47-year-old New York City woman was recently arrested for unlawful eviction after trying to prevent squatters from re-entering the $1 million property bequeathed to her by her family.

Adele Andaloro changed the locks on the Flushing, Queens home, which according to NYC law is not allowed if “tenants” have inhabited a building for more than 30 days, which in this case, some had.

According to ABC7, a number of people began occupying the home on February 6 and refused to leave. When a crew went out to interview Andaloro, one of the squatters arrived at the property and unlocked the door. After being confronted, however, she fled.

With the door wide open, Andaloro and the crew entered. In addition to her furniture, she discovered two men sleeping in a room at the back of the house, one of whom had only been “renting” for two days. A number of 911 calls were placed, and when police showed up, they took the men away.

Andaloro explained that police told her they could arrest her if the locksmith she had called earlier that day went ahead and changed the locks. Nonetheless, she told him to do it.

A short time later, the two men who had been apprehended returned to the property and confronted her, calling 911.

“Why is it that I have to leave and he doesn’t have to leave?” Andaloro asked officers when they showed up, to which one replied, “Technically he can’t be kicked out. You have to go to [housing] court.”

In the end, Andaloro was arrested and the men were allowed to remain in the home, pending further legal action.

This is perhaps peak “anarcho-tyranny.”

You have the government literally enforcing lawlessness.

Just be grateful you don’t live in Atlanta