Nimrata Wants People to Verify Their Identity Before Posting on Social Media


This bitch gone straight loopy.

New York Post:

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley on Tuesday proposed forcing social media users to verify their identities before posting, citing “national security” concerns.

The former South Carolina governor’s plan is part of a set of social media reforms aimed at transparency — which she pushed during an appearance on Fox News — that has rankled some of her primary opponents.

When I get into office, the first thing we have to do, social media accounts, social media companies, they have to show America their algorithms,” Haley said. “Let us see why they’re pushing what they’re pushing.”

The second thing is, every person on social media should be verified, by their name. That’s, first of all, it’s a national security threat. When you do that, all of a sudden, people have to stand by what they say. And it gets rid of the Russian bots, the Iranian bots and the Chinese bots. And then you’re going to get some civility when people know their name is next to what they say, and they know their pastor and their family members are going to see it,”  the 51-year-old former Trump administration official added.

Two of Haley’s GOP primary opponents – entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – blasted her proposal.

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis has created in Florida the single most restrictive speech law in American history for the stated purpose of protecting Jewish people’s feelings.

He’s got a guy doing 30 days in jail right now for distributing fliers.

Who asked for this stuff, other than Jews?

It’s completely outrageous to have these people from a party that has been associated with libertarianism coming out and attacking basic free speech worse than the Democrats.

Ron DeSantis’ Florida speech crimes law is much more extreme than anything any Democrat governor has ever suggested doing, and the Biden Administration has not suggested forcing everyone to register with their real name to post on social media. (That has been suggested before by left-leaning Jewish groups, but Biden has never suggested it.)

Why would any American vote to have fundamental freedoms restricted in the name of protecting Jewish people’s feelings?

And hey – we’re talking about the insanity of demanding the names of people who post on social media anonymously, but the real question would be: what does she want to do with those names?

Presumably, she wants to arrest people who criticize the Jews, like DeSantis is doing in Florida. There’s no difference between arresting people for posting criticism of Jews on social media and arresting them for passing out fliers criticizing Jews. It’s the same thing.

DeSantis and Randhawa should join together in some kind of “Israforce,” and run on the slogan: “ENDLESS WAR – THE END OF HUMAN FREEDOM – JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW.”

Here’s an observation: this is not a winning message. Neither of them think they are going to win. This is about securing patronage from the Jews.

Can you imagine being so low that you would do this for money?

I’m with Vivek.