NYC: Brute Attacks Multiple People with Glass Bottle

Due to political lobbying against us by Republican Party members such as Dinesh D’Souza, the Daily Stormer has officially changed our usage of the word “nigger” to “brute.”

Dinesh called me up and was like, “hey buddy, you sound like a Democrat with all this nigger-talk. You need to cut it out. We’re getting ready for election season, and we need everyone to understand that Democrats are the real racists.”

So I asked him what I should call “ultra-violent young black men,” and he floated the term “coons.” I informed him that this was also a racist term. There were some problems on the line as he googled the word “coon,” and he came back and said “you’re right, that won’t work.”

I said: “What about jigger?”

“That might work,” Dinesh replied, before canceling it. “It sounds too much like ‘nigger.'”

Eventually, we settled on “brute.”

It’s a reference to a Vogue cover referencing 1940s anti-German propaganda.

We won’t ever be able to stop these brutes, because it’s illegal to charge them with crimes, because of George Floyd and slavery and so on.

New York Post:

A maniac attacked three people with a glass bottle in a violent and unprovoked rampage that began at a Manhattan Whole Foods Market on Thursday evening, according to police.

The string of attacks started outside the Whole Foods on Sixth Avenue across from Bryant Park when the 33-year-old suspect bashed a 23-year-old man with a bottle around 6:40 p.m., police said.

The assailant then went inside the store to the second floor, where he attacked a 49-year-old woman, the NYPD said.

He then fled outside and into the subway station at 47th Street and 6th Avenue, where he struck a 55-year-old woman on a train.

The suspect, identified by sources as Michael Howell, was nabbed by police on 46th Street and later charged with assault.

This is such filler.

I tried to do some jokes at the beginning there.

But what can you do?

Nothing is going on.

This is better to read than some bullshit about Kevin McCarthy. You can see that everywhere anyway. You can only find out about the nig—- the brute problem here at Daily Stormer Dot In.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.