NYC: Jews Provoke Pro-Palestinian Protesters with “No Ceasefire” Signs

Why are the Jews in America going around telling everyone that they support the slaughter???

There is no reason! No reason to tell everyone this! People would think they were against it if they just said nothing. Instead, they are on every street telling everyone how much they love mass murdering children!

The Jews have been driven insane by their own evil!

New York Post:

Two pro-Palestinian protesters shouted “Long live Hamas” in the faces of a Jewish couple during dueling rallies that broke out in front of the New York Public Library Thursday night.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters called for a cease-fire as a crowd of counter-protesters voiced their support for Israel in Midtown Manhattan. At times, the two sides got into face-to-face confrontations as cops tried to keep control of the situation.

In one instance, two pro-Palestinian demonstrators, covered in masks, repeatedly chanted, “Long live Hamas” and waved Palestinian flags in front of the Jewish couple as police officers directed the pro-Palestinian pair to move away, according to footage captured at the scene.

Some pro-Israel demonstrators waved the Jewish state’s blue-and-white flag and held signs that stated, “No ceasefire, eliminate Hamas,” on their side of the street, according to photos from the scene.

Another pro-Israeli demonstrator, dressed in a pullover akin to the Israeli flag, was seen carrying a ripped-up flyer with a swastika on it. It was not clear what the flyer was for or where it came from.

You could have just kept quiet, Jews! No one would have implicated you!

You have all lost your minds!

No one supports slaughtering babies!

You look insane!

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.