NYC: People Still Marching for Palestine

All over the world, marching for Palestine is now a weekly event.

We should also consider: marching for Palestine is also marching against the Jews.

New York Post:

Pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets of New York City again Saturday, storming Times Square after they were rebuffed as they tried to enter the American Museum of Natural History for the second weekend in a row.

The protest, which started at the Upper West Side museum at 2 p.m., included the expectation that demonstrators would enter the institution two hours later for an “anti-colonial tour.”

Around 200 anti-Israel demonstrators gathered outside the museum by 4 p.m., carrying signs and chanting, “Free Palestine,” along with antisemitic slogans like, “there is only one solution, Intifada revolution.”

Within Our Lifetime, the group that organized Saturday’s protest, asked demonstrators to show up to the museum in “small groups” adorned with Palestinian flags and banners, according to an Instagram post.

But the museum was ready for the onslaught after the group attempted to enter the museum last weekend, only to see it shut down early to keep protesters out and to protect property.

The protest eventually moved to Times Square, just blocks away where they were seen just days before as they attempted to upstage the Rockefeller tree lighting before heading to News Corp’s building, which houses Fox and the New York Post.

All the while, they were chanting: “Palestine will be free,” while carrying signs with slogans that called for the elimination of Israel, including, “From Gaza to Jenin, Revolution until Victory” and “abolish the settler state.”

People are not losing their energy here.

We keep getting new videos of Jewish terror and murder, and the people keep marching against it.