Old Man Biden Can’t Remember the Word “Escalator”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2019

To be fair, escalator isn’t a very easy word.

Definitely doesn’t roll off the tongue. Sounds like some shit that like, Gollum would be asking you about.

“Eh, geh, my precious, take the escalator, yegeh…?”

But still.

This guy is old as heck and rolling him out there like he’s going to be president really is a sick joke.

Washington Examiner:

Democratic front-runner Joe Biden struggled to recall the word “escalator” while bashing President Trump during a campaign stop in Miami, Florida.

Speaking at at the historic Ball & Chain nightclub on Sunday afternoon to mark the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, Biden slammed the president’s June 2015 comments about Mexican immigrants during his 2016 campaign announcement speech.

“Remember when he came down, uh, down the, uh, down his escalator of Trump Tower?” Biden said after some prompting from the audience. “He announced on the way down, one of the reasons he was running was because of all those Mexican rapists.”

Just let the poor bastard go play golf or listen to Margaritaville in Key West.

Or you know – molest children.

Let him molest children in Margaritaville, the weird old creepy bastard.

Or whatever he’s into.

It’s just that he shouldn’t be running for president, obviously. This is elderly abuse.