Once and Future King Blames Mitch the Lich for Midterm Debacle

Once and Future King Donald Trump has blamed Mitch McConnell for the Republican failures in the midterms.

Frankly, I do not support the theory that McConnell is to blame, as I believe the entire thing was total fraud. No matter how bad the Republicans are – and they are very, very bad – there is no possible way the Democrats could have won any single race in the country given what is happening in this country.

That said, the Republicans should be denounced as worthless shills. They are worthless shills.

But removing McConnell and McCarthy and making the party much better is not going to help them win elections. Maybe you can overcome some of the fraud in redder states where it’s harder to cheat, I guess, but it’s not going to make any difference on the national scale.

Frankly, the whole thing is more or less pointless to talk about. But this is a news site, so I have to talk about the news, and talking about electoral politics is a way to push my agenda (which is primarily only about the Jews). That having been said, though there is no way that Trump or DeSanctimonious could win the 2024 election due to the mass fraud, I am 1000% in support of Trump getting the nomination as at the very least he will inject fun and real issues into the race (and he will call out the fraud), whereas there is literally no point at all to DeSantis.

It’s been really sad to see all these people coming out for DeSantis after the midterm hoax. I predicted it, but it’s still very sad. People are so dumb.

I’ll stand with Trump.