Orban Says EU is “Raping” Poland and Hungary with Forced Migration Pact

It’s interesting that the Polish government is just as “right wing” as the Hungarian government when it comes to literally any issue other than the war against Russia, and yet, these two countries get very different media coverage.

According to the media, Orban is a fascist dictator, while Poland is a heroic nation of freedom fighters.

They’re not honest at all about the reason for the distinction. Orban’s immigration policies are cited as proof that he is Donald Trump and Hitler incarnate. Poland has these same policies, and the media just doesn’t bother mentioning them.

The Guardian:

EU leaders have clashed again with Hungary after the country’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, insisted at a summit in Granada that it would not support proposed laws to deal with migration.

Poland also joined the protest, accusing Brussels of imposing a “diktat” on other member states regarding the proposed laws that would apply in the event of a sudden refugee crisis such as that of 2015, when more than 1 million people arrived in the EU from Syria and beyond.

Using provocative language on his way into the conference, Orbán described a deal without Hungary as an assault on his country because EU leaders had gone ahead with the laws without his or Poland’s support. He claimed that the laws – which have yet to be voted on – needed unanimous backing, but the European Council has publicly insisted only majority support was needed.

If you are raped legally, forced to accept something you don’t like, how would you like to have a compromise and agreement? It’s impossible,” said Orbán.

Is that “provocative”?

Hungary is having people force their bodies on her and penetrate her against her will. That’s what “rape” means.

To avert a full-blown row threatening to overshadow the informal gathering in Spain, EU leaders agreed to remove a 119-word paragraph relating to the bloc’s general pledges on migration from the text of a final communique concluding their summit.

Instead they adopted a “Granada declaration” on other issues including the overall strategy for the bloc in coming years, with the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, issuing a separate “president’s statement” reaffirming the EU’s commitment to the proposed laws on migration.

The European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, played down the Hungarian and Polish objections, telling reporters there was “broad support” at the summit for the proposed laws.

Ursula is the world’s first and foremost rapist.

All she ever does is force things on people. Significantly less than half of Europeans want mass immigration or the war in the Ukraine, but she forces it on them.

Hitler didn’t do this. Communist countries don’t do this. Democracy countries are the only countries that rape like this.

“There is a very good chance that it [the law on migration] will make it over the finish line,” she said. “The principle is there to address the root causes for migration and then to work along the whole migratory route that people take.”

The basic message is yes, we need regular migration … we will not want people to risk their lives and lose a fortune to the smugglers and traffickers, but … to choose the safe pathways,” she added at a press conference.

Who is “we”?

It’s technocrats in Brussels.

Even in Germany, according to their own fake polls, only 41% of people support “to the last Ukrainian” thinking on the war. That number is the same in America.

We don’t have numbers on Poland, the most drastic pro-war country, but last month, the country stopped sending weapons to the Ukraine as a result of public outcry.

Support for replacement migration is much lower, with some countries having fewer than 20% support for this agenda.

No one wants this stuff. It is being forced on us, and because we live in a democracy, we have no recourse.

There is no voting on the issue. Ursula just tells you what she’s going to do to you.

The EU is not a system that functions on popular support. It is a group that rapes people.

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