Our Sacred Values: Pope Anal Calls War in Ukraine “Sacrilegious,” Says Ukrainian Satanists “Martyred”

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How bad is this going to get before the majority of Catholics admit that this is not a real Pope?

I am not Catholic. I have, over the last years, become much closer to the Catholic Church, but may forever remain a C.S. Lewis type character, preaching Catholic doctrine without official conversion.

If there was a real pope, I would convert – but this is not a real pope. This is an anal pope, who worships the Jews, and uses the Vatican to promote paganism and every other heresy. He tells people to take the deadly abortion juice. He supports Jews slaughtering Christians. He wants to flood Europe with Moslems. He says gays can’t be judged.

He does every single bad thing, ever.


Pope Francis prayed Sunday for an end to the “sacrilegious” war in Ukraine and for the world to show kindness and compassion to refugees as he concluded a two-day visit to Malta that was dominated by his concern for the devastation unleashed by Russia’s invasion.

Though short, the trip has been particularly taxing for the 85-year-old pontiff, who is suffering from painful strained right knee ligaments. He struggled repeatedly Sunday to get out of his chair and his limping gait from sciatica was so pronounced that he frequently had to grab onto the arm of an aide.

Francis opened his second and final day in Malta by visiting the Grotto of St. Paul in Rabat, where the Apostle Paul stayed after being shipwrecked off Malta en route to Rome in AD 60. According to the biblical account of the period, the Maltese people showed Paul unusual kindness, and he responded by preaching and healing, bringing Christianity to the islands.

How dare he walk where Saint Paul walked?

How does God not strike him dead on the spot?

Francis has used his visit to Malta to drive home his call for Europe to show the same welcome to migrants and refugees that the Maltese showed St. Paul. He has expanded that message to express his gratitude for the welcome Europe has shown Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian war and his hope that same generosity could be extended to others.

“No one knew their names, their place of birth or their social status; they knew only one thing: that these were people in need of help,” Francis said in a prayer in the grotto. “Help us to recognize from afar those in need, struggling amidst the waves of the sea, dashed against the reefs of unknown shores.”

After praying at the St. Paul grotto, Francis celebrated an outdoor Mass in Valletta and planned an afternoon visit to a shelter run by volunteers that can house around 50 migrants and provide them with educational and medical services.

At the end of Mass, Francis asked for prayers for peace in Ukraine, a day after he blasted Russia’s invasion as “infantile” and based on “anachronistic claims of nationalistic interests.”

He urged the faithful to “think of the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in the martyred Ukraine, which continues to be bombarded in this sacrilegious war. May we be tireless in praying and in offering assistance to those who suffer.”

Oh, so Ukrainian Satanic neo-Nazi torturers are “martyrs” now.

Torturing and gang-raping a woman before mutilating her corpse in the school basement where they were using children as human shields – these are the truly righteous ones.


Shooting POWs in the legs.

Blowing up theatres full of civilian human shields.

Opening fire on fleeing civilians.

This is the true path of Christ, according to the Anal Pope.

“Saint Post-Taper of Azovstal.”

“A view of Granaries Square in Floriana as Pope Francis celebrates a mass, Sunday, April 3, 2022.”

The truth will out.

All of these pedophiles and satanists’ deeds will be made clear to the world.

Judgement Day cometh.