Ireland: After Dublin Riots, Police to Obtain Wider Rights to Use Facial Recognition Tech Against Native Population

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You wouldn’t think you’d be able to ram through facial recognition software laws and then use them on footage recorded before the laws were passed.

But apparently, in Ireland, you can do that.

To protect democracy AKA mass immigration.

The Guardian:

Irish police are expected to make sweeping arrests of suspected ringleaders of Thursday’s riot in Dublin and to obtain wider rights to use facial recognition technology to help identify suspects in any future disorder.

The moves come amid mounting pressure on the government and police chiefs over the mayhem on 24 November when an estimated 500 anti-immigrant activists and gangs of youths looted shops, burned vehicles and attacked police, leaving swathes of Ireland’s capital resembling a war zone.

Senior officers have promised “large-scale arrests” of ringleaders and participants in coming weeks in addition to the 34 people already arrested, the Irish Times reported on Monday.

Helen McEntee, the justice minister, also signalled an intention to fast-track legislation to expand the use of facial recognition technology to help police trawl CCTV footage after public disorder incidents.

There are about 6,000 hours of footage from last week’s riot, she said. “This should not take months. It should be done in a matter of days and in a matter of weeks. With the use of facial recognition technology that can be possible.”

The proposal has dismayed civil liberty advocates, opposition politicians and members of the Green party, a junior member of the ruling coalition. “Ramming legislation through the Dáil without proper debate is not the solution,” said Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, the Labour party’s justice spokesperson. “There has been a building series of missteps in justice.”

Again, any normal government would respond to this kind of riot by listening to the concerns of the rioters and at least pretending to do something to placate the mob.

Instead, the Indian prime minister of Ireland is vowing revenge and a total shutdown.