EU Climate Mafia Chief Tells China to Pay for Protection from the Weather

Global warming is nothing but a shakedown racket.

There is literally no such thing as global warming. It’s a hoax.

What are they doing with all of these hundreds of billions of dollars? Where is it going?

Most of it is going into scam “green energy” companies that the people pushing the hoax are heavily invested in.

Basically, government officials are paying themselves to cover the earth in ugly, poisonous windmills that don’t work and can’t ever be safely disposed of.

The Guardian:

China and other big developing nations must pay into a fund to rescue poor countries stricken by the climate disaster, the EU’s climate chief has said as world leaders prepare to gather in Dubai for a crucial climate summit.

Wopke Hoekstra, EU commissioner for climate action, said there was no longer any reason to exclude big emerging economies with high greenhouse gas emissions such as China and petrostates in the Gulf from the obligation to provide aid to the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

We need so much more money that we need basically everyone with the ability to pay to chip in,” Hoekstra said to a small group of journalists, including the Observer. “Climate financing, climate action, will take significantly more money. I’m not talking about 20% or 30% more – incremental amounts – but factors more in the years to come. We need private sector money and we need a lot more public sector money.”

For decades, no financial contributions were expected from China and other nations that were classed as developing when the UN framework convention on climate change, parent treaty to the Paris agreement, was signed in 1992.

Now, the EU and rich countries including the UK and the US are asking for China, high-emitting large economies classed as developing such as South Korea and Russia, and petrostates such as UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to be donors.

“I’m saying [to China] and others that have experienced significant economic growth and truly higher wealth than 30 years ago, that with this comes responsibility,” said Hoekstra. “Simply because it is fair, and because the problem is so large, so we truly need everyone.”

EU commissioner for climate action Wopke Hoekstra

He said he was urging poor nations in Africa and Latin America to also put pressure on newly rich and high-emitting countries to pay into the fund. “I am more optimistic about loss and damage than I was a number of weeks ago,” he said. The Observer understands that the UAE is considering a contribution. However, most donor countries are insisting that any contributions should be voluntary, not based on their wealth or their greenhouse gas emissions.

Other sources of finance for the loss and damage fund include potential levies on frequent flyers and on international shipping, as well as windfall taxes on the bonanzas made by fossil fuel companies.

China isn’t going to give a bunch of free money to Africa. They are already investing in Africa, and making money for Africans that way.

So this plan to bully them over global warming nonsense is clearly part of a larger plan to create conflict with them for other purposes.