Owen Benjamin Says Gavin McInnes Hoaxed Raid

Last week, comedian and political activist Gavin McInnes was apparently arrested live on air by federal agents. He never showed up on bop.gov, and it was assumed that he was likely being bussed in transit, awaiting deportation to Canada. However, it was also suspected that the arrest could have been a hoax.

This week, someone who knows him has suggested the whole thing is a hoax.

We’ve all been expecting round-ups of political dissidents, so it was not hard to believe it had begun. But I said to you: “it could be a hoax.”

I wrote:

I don’t think it is a hoax, but the situation is so bizarre, this is definitely a possibility.

If it is a prank, however, I am just going to state it outright: Gavin staged the prank at the behest of the fed cops.

It would actually make pretty logical sense to do a hoax where someone is disappeared by the feds and then says it’s a prank. From then on, normies who hear “so and so was disappeared by the feds” would think “oh that’s probably another prank.” That way you could start disappearing people for real and then have the media and people on Twitter with Ukraine flags say “this is like that prank from McInnes.”

That would actually be brilliant – so brilliant that I seriously doubt it could come from the same people who brought us the Afghan withdrawal, Ukraine Democracy War, and economic boondoggle.

But yes – it is possible that this is a hoax staged as a psychological operation to normalize secret police operations in the future.

Frankly, Gavin McInnes has repeatedly accused me and my associates of being feds, and attacked us, so I would not be especially surprised if he was indeed working for the feds.

This week, Owen Benjamin claimed to have communications from McInnes where he admits the raid was a hoax.

Benjamin is a comedian who was involved on the periphery of Hollywood. He was briefly married to Christina Ricci, who was hot when I was like, 12.

Benjamin has a weird history. He had a breakdown on Joe Rogan’s show after smoking weed. He then was associated with Alex Jones. Then he broke with Jones and said the earth was flat. And so on. So, he’s a questionable source of information.

That said, he does know Gavin, and he posted the following text message screenshot on Facebook:

He then wrote about it:

Apparently, Benjamin does a show, and mentioned the texts from McInnes saying it was a hoax without saying his name. Then, McInnes sent the “we’re done” text.

Benjamin is not a particularly reliable source. He is a nutjob, truthfully. So there is no way to know who is hoaxing, but I lean towards thinking the texts are probably real, and McInnes actually did hoax his arrest.

Could Both be True?

Could Gavin McInnes have been arrested, and the feds be texting from his number?

Yeah, sure. That could happen. But it’s extremely unlikely, and I see no purpose it would serve. If the texts are real, and Benjamin isn’t hoaxing them, then I would say they were almost certainly sent by McInnes.

But just talking about this – the confusion here – shows the state we are in, where we assume the government is trying to kill us all (or send us to camps), and we have no ability to confirm what is going on in reality. In another time, the feds and cops saying they didn’t arrest McInnes (which they did say) would be proof enough that this was a hoax – but these days, you just assume they’re lying, and the denial means absolutely nothing.

I stand by my above statements: if Gavin McInnes hoaxed his arrest, he did so on behalf of federal agents. The media is going to make a big deal of someone hoaxing a political arrest, and then in the future, when people are actually getting rounded up for political “crimes,” the media and leftists generally will be able to say: “it’s probably just another hoax.”

There are other reasons, after five days, to believe this is a hoax. For one, Gavin McInnes has a wife and kids in New York, and there is no reason that she wouldn’t be out there talking and fundraising off of this. But she has not been. McInnes’ company, Censored.TV, has not been doing fundraising. Unless the FBI sent cops to hold guns to the heads of family and coworkers, there is no reason not to be fundraising right now. Of course, directly fundraising off of a hoax is fraud, so that is a reason not to fundraise.

I’ve had bad experiences with McInnes. I’ve been constantly attacked by him, despite the fact that I’ve always tried my best to support him. I think it’s weird to attack people who support you, and it makes you look like a scumbag. Disavowing is one thing, but he’s done a lot worse than disavow me, actually insinuating that I am a fed or some kind of villain.

This is not a dirty trick that I would put past McInnes. Aside from his attacks on me, of which I am aware, he’s shown himself to be of low moral character in other areas, including freaking out and having a hissy fit over FBI investigations into the Proud Boys.

Who Knows

We’re going to know soon enough, because if this was indeed a hoax, it’s going to be in the media soon. It will not be a top story, but it will be a big enough story that many “educated” normies catch word of it.

The purpose of a hoax – as I’ve already said twice – would be to make secret arrests easier in the future.

If this is indeed the case, McInnes should be treated like an informant going forward.

If you’re willing to trick people like this, to get people concerned for your life over a fake joke and a hoax, if you’re willing to muddy the narrative in a way that benefits the feds, you are no better than a rat.