Palestine Supporters March Through New York, Get Arrested

Remember the Rolling Stones song?

Summer’s here and the time is right for several things.

New York Post:

Hundreds of protesters snaked through Manhattan Tuesday in a rowdy demonstration that hit every ritzy university that has erected encampments in the past two weeks — with rally leaders threatening that administrators “should be” scared of their students.

The “Flood the Encampments for Gaza” march started at New York University, where some clueless students admitted last week they had no idea what they were rallying over, before moving on to New School, FIT, Columbia University and City College.

We have made it clear to the institution what the only appropriate resolution is. And we will not de-escalate, we will not decamp and we will not rest until this university — which has blood on its hands — cuts every last tie with a Zionist institution, to the Zionist entity,” one protester shouted outside the John A. Paulson Center, the university’s fitness center and classroom space named after a Jewish alumnus.

She claimed that the administration was attempting to “strong arm” the protesters into “leaving the encampment before [their] demands are met.”

The threats of disciplinary action, she continued, are considered the “highest honor” for protesters.

The group also blasted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “war criminal” and called for canceling “Zionist universities.”

Many of the roughly 150 protesters wore keffiyehs, a Middle Eastern headdress, to cover their faces as they waved Palestinian flags and signs calling for the nation to be freed from Israeli rule.

Sometime during the protest, vandals splattered a blood-like substance on the home of NYU President Linda Mills, whose failure to tackle on-campus antisemitism in the weeks after Hamas launched its Oct. 7 attack caused several Israeli alumni to cut ties with the prestigious institution.

I guess they can’t use real pigs blood.


The gory mess was delivered by “external community members in solidarity with NYU students,” independent journalist Talia Jane reported, and was accompanied by a note: “Linda Mills: Your administration is complicit in genocide. Blood on your hands. Long live Gaza.”

At Columbia University, students who bolted themselves inside Hamilton Hall the day before continued to stand their ground — with some protesters carrying Palestinian flags and waltzing on the roof of the academic building.

Whatever you think of the people involved in the protests, this is high energy.

It’s getting hot, hot, hot!