Illinois: 14-Year-Old High School Freshman Dies Suddenly During Basketball Game

Amari Crite

Oh, and she was black?

I’ll bet she’s really regretting that vaccine now. Or her family is – I guess she’s not regretting anything from her grave!

They didn’t even try to force the blacks to take the vax. Well, they did, but not as aggressively. It was sort of like how the Pope isn’t really trying very hard to force blacks to accept his anal agenda.

Blacks could slip out of being forced to take the vax by simply claiming they were “finna pop-off.”

New York Post:

An Illinois community is mourning the loss of a 14-year-old high-school freshman who collapsed and died during a girls’ basketball game.

Amari Crite, a student at Momence High School, was participating in a junior-varsity game against Tri-Point on Thursday when she collapsed on the court, the Daily Journal reported.

The Kankakee County Coroner’s Office said the cause of death remains under investigation.

Shannon Anderson, superintendent of the school district in Momence south of Chicago, released a statement Friday morning about the tragedy.

“We are deeply saddened to confirm the heartbreaking news of the passing of one of our 9th-grade students,” Anderson wrote. “Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends affected by this tragic loss.”

Just remember: this always happened.

It obviously didn’t used to happen.

But we have no idea why it is happening.

But we know for sure it isn’t that vaccine, lol.