Paris: Man Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Does Knife Attack Because of Anger Over Palestine

The French brought millions of Moslems into their country and then supported Israel murdering Moslems.

It was never going to end well.

It’s surprising this isn’t happening more often.

New York Post:

One person died and two others were injured after a man attacked tourists in central Paris near the Eiffel Tower, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Saturday.

Police quickly arrested the 26-year-old man, a French national, using a Taser stun gun, Darmanin told reporters.

The suspect had been sentenced to four years in prison in 2016 for planning another attack and was on the French security services’ watch list, and was also known for having psychiatric disorders, the interior minister added.

The attack took place around 1900 GMT when the man attacked a tourist couple with a knife on the Quai de Grenelle, a few feet away from the Eiffel Tower, mortally wounding a German national. He was then chased by police and attacked two other people with a hammer before being arrested.

The suspect had shouted out “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) and told police he was upset because “so many Muslims are dying in Afghanistan and in Palestine” and was also upset about the Gaza situation, Darmanin said.

Of course, the public line here is “oh see, we should support the Jews because the Moslems are killing us too!”

It’s… it’s unbelievable that people are capable of thinking that way.