Peru to Stop Labeling Trannies as Mentally Ill After Backlash

Where are all of these trannies coming from? Why is there an army of trannies on the streets of Peru?


Peru will stop listing individuals who identify as transgender, among others, as suffering from mental disorders, the country’s health ministry announced on Tuesday, following a backlash to the move that critics derided as unnecessary and discriminatory.

The decision comes after hundreds of protesters took the streets of the capital Lima last month to demand the scrapping of a new law that described those who identify as transgender, along with “cross dressers” and those with “gender identity disorders” as mentally ill and eligible for health services via both public and private providers.

It seems more likely that the United States was the one putting on the pressure, rather than the tranny street beasts themselves.

“Nothing to cure”

“Trans are love”

The United States has repeatedly been caught forcing smaller countries to become gay.

I can’t imagine the Peruvian government actually cares about the protesters.

But the US has a lot of different ways to hurt them.