UK: Police Investigate “Gang Rape” in the Metaverse

We have multiverse rape.

So of course we need Metaverse rape as well.

I am personally considering becoming a legal scholar of theoretical and virtual rape law. My business cards will read: “the rape may be fake, but the consequences are very real.”


Police are investigating an alleged rape in a virtual reality game after a child was attacked in the online “metaverse” – in what is thought to be the first time such a probe has been launched.

The girl, who is aged under 16, was using a headset to access a VR room when adult men attacked her avatar.

She was not injured given the assault happened within an immersive reality game, but she is said to be psychologically and emotionally traumatised.

Details about the case have reportedly been kept under wraps to protect the child amid concern a prosecution for the online assault is not viable.

It has led to questions over whether police time is being wasted investigating such problems when it has a backlog of real rape cases to deal with.

But home secretary James Cleverly told LBC’s Nick Ferrari at Breakfast: “I know it is easy to dismiss this as being not real, but the whole point of these virtual environments is they are incredibly immersive.

“And we’re talking about a child here, and a child has gone through sexual trauma.

“It will have had a very significant psychological effect and we should be very, very careful about being dismissive of this.

“It’s also worth realising that somebody who is willing to put a child through a trauma like that digitally may well be someone that could go on to do terrible things in the physical realm.

“I do think it’s right we look seriously at this. We’ve got to understand that in the world of immersive digital media, I think we have a duty to take issues like this seriously. It might seem strange to some, but I do think this is something well worth looking into.”

It was strange to some to arrest women for praying in their minds outside abortion clinics. That didn’t prevent the British from doing it.

A senior officer who is familiar with the case said: “This child experienced psychological trauma similar to that of someone who has been physically raped.

“There is an emotional and psychological impact on the victim that is longer term than any physical injuries.

“It poses a number of challenges for law enforcement, given [that] current legislation is not set up for this.”

A number of sex attacks have been reported in Horizon Worlds, the free VR game released by Facebook owner Meta.




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