Ireland: Another Building Planned to House Invaders Set on Fire


The Irish are not playing around.

It’s happening.


More than 40 firefighters are attending to a blaze at a former nursing home near Brittas in County Dublin.

Dublin Fire Brigade said it was alerted to the fire in Crooksling at 07:00 local time.

Firefighters arrived to find “a well developed” fire. Six fire appliances are in attendance.

Irish broadcaster RTÉ has reported that demonstrations were staged last week by people who believed the former St Brigid’s Nursing Home was to be used to house refugees.

A group of protesters has gathered at the scene on Sunday.

Gardaí (Irish police) previously expressed concerns about the increase in arson attacks on properties linked to housing asylum seekers.

In December a disused hotel, due to accommodate 70 asylum seekers, was set alight in County Galway.

There have been numerous other arson attacks across the Republic of Ireland, stemming from an increase in anti-immigrant sentiment.

Fifteen centres and potential centres for refugees were targeted last year. Gardaí have yet to make any arrests.

Probably, the cops are letting these people get away with it, because the cops support them.

What is the other explanation for zero arrests? That they are super professional angry mobs?