Pentagon Unable to Track Weapons Sent to the Ukraine, Watchdog Says

This isn’t actually news; we’ve known this since the war started. There were people on the internet selling Javelins to ISIS.

Remember ISIS? Remember Javelins?

Seriously, do you remember when the media kept talking about Javelins, and if the Ukraine had enough of them, they could win a war against Russia?

That was right after the Covid hoax, and I was like “this is actually somehow stupider than the Covid hoax.”

New York Post:

The Pentagon has no standardized guidance for tracking and reporting the status of weapons deliveries to Ukraine, a government report revealed this week – making it impossible to know exactly how many munitions have actually made their way to eastern Europe.

With congressional opponents of continued military aid for Ukraine citing accountability for $42 billion in US-sent weapons as one of their main concerns, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released Wednesday revealed much of the uncertainty is not Kyiv’s fault – but that of the Defense Department.

The military uses a recording system, provided by the little-known Defense Security Cooperation Agency and known as “DSCA 1000,” to track weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

However, the report found the Pentagon’s own guidance “does not clearly define at what point in the delivery process defense articles should be recorded as delivered in DSCA 1000, and DSCA officials have no process for ensuring the accuracy of the information in that system.”

Not only does the Pentagon lack guidance on when to record an item as delivered, it also did not provide “clear instructions on how the service branches are to confirm that a defense article was delivered to its end user.”

Without clarifying the guidance for data entry or taking steps to address potentially inaccurate data in DCSA 1000, DOD may continue to lack awareness of the types and quantities of defense articles it has provided, and physically delivered, to Ukraine,” the report said.

The Defense Department also lacks appropriate systems to keep track of the status of all weapons once they go into Ukraine, making it more difficult to independently ensure weapons sent there, stay there.

“Existing end-use monitoring systems have proven ineffective at keeping accurate data on whether a delivered item has been used, destroyed or lost,” the report said. “It is unclear whether DOD has tracked all allegations of end-use violations involving defense articles provided to the country.”

Without the proper and up-to-date data, Pentagon officials who make decisions on what to send Ukraine are left without concrete, reliable data to guide them.

What’s more, inaccurate or missing tracking data makes it difficult to give an honest assessment of whether any — or how many — American deliveries have slipped into the black market.

No one in power ever thought the Ukraine was going to win a war against Russia. That is completely retarded. What they thought, which was less stupid but still pretty stupid, was that the Russian economy would collapse as a result of pressure from the war, and that would trigger a color revolution in which Alexi Navalny would replace Vladimir Putin.

It was obvious to everyone about six weeks into the war this wasn’t going to happen. So, from that point on, this entire thing has been primarily about weapons sales and other forms of graft. There really is no strategic purpose. This is why Israel never supported it. They knew it was just sucking up resources that they were going to want for themselves.

I really did not think that after the Gaza thing kicked off, more money would be going to the Ukraine. I still think there’s a chance it won’t, but now it’s really looking like it probably will.

This report, however, shows that there are people in Washington who realize that the looting has gotten out of control. Most of those people are no doubt Jews who want this money going to Israel instead.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.